9 Brands That Didn't Resort To Making GST Jokes On April Fools' Day

Everyone has been talking about GST but these brands avoided going down that route with these well thought out pranks!

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1. Google. You can always trust the guys at Google for a few tricks up their sleeves. This year, they released Pac Man on Google Maps...

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and delivered an entire 5-minute keynote on their 'new' search engine Google Panda. Watch:

Bonus: Head to Google's new site here! You'll need a mirror to make it work!

2. myBurgerLab. The popular burger chain very cheekily used an online news template to report that they would have to stop selling charcoal buns due to GST. Take a close look at the authors' names.. Sneaky!

Image via myBurgerLab

3. BMW Malaysia. Change your BMW's colour to something new thanks to the "Camo" button! Black and blue? White and gold? Stop the argument with that button.

Image via BMW Malaysia

4. Dominos Malaysia. What's better than Hawaiian pizza? A nasi lemak pizza of course! Look at the size of that egg yolk!

5. Maxis. Admit it, you take pictures of your food and use filters for special effects. Now you can even TASTE the flavours of your food pics with Maxis' "Screen Savour".

But don't you think it's similar to Google Nose back in 2013?

6. Samsung. Need a cutting edge phone? Slice up an apple or two with the Samsung Blade Edge (comes with human blood sensor).

Image via SoyaCincau

7. Miz-Mooz. You may not have heard of this brand before but you'll soon will. Creating what may be the world's first selfie shoe, this shoe eliminates the need for a selfie stick. Selfie sticks are so 2014.

8. Cilisos. The guys over at Cilisos pranked visitors that their site had been taken down. PS: We didn't know what 'laman sesawang' meant until today...

Image via Cilisos

The "Click Here" button leads to an article about censorship! Well played guys, well played...

9. Ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik is now on trial with Arsenal! Yes, sure...

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"What Zayn brings to the table, even more than his boyish good looks and upbeat modern pop sound, is a frankly overwhelming number of diehard supporters who might not normally intersect with our traditional fanbase. "As soon as we get fourth place wrapped up, he'll be playing 90 minutes every week and the shirts will be selling faster than the twice-platinum 2013 album 'Midnight Memories'. Man, that one was a toe-tapper. "Besides, the fans have been asking for a new defensive midfielder for ages. We're excited to finally shut them up."

BONUS: The Malaysian Government. An elaborate plan that was a year in the making, the GST was announced as a new tax to be implemented on 1 April. We're waiting for the announcement by Jib Gor anytime now...

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