9 Creative Hacks Malaysian Students Pulled Off To Survive College Life

Don't even doubt the genius of Malaysian students. These 7 students tell us their real life hacks on what they have done, from drying clothes to getting free WiFi...

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1. "I used a hair straightener to iron my baju"

"I ironed my baju with a hair straightener".

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Jane, 26 was an architecture student. "I didn't really have much time to iron clothes due to assignments. I was rushing to prepare for a presentation the next day but I had no time to iron my outfit. So I used my hair straightener to iron out the visible creases and put a jacket on. Problem solved."

2. "I sat outside a Starbucks to leech off their free WiFi"

Vijay, 22 is currently studying engineering in the UK. "I had an assignment due and had to make some minor edits. However, I was not within the campus and I didn't want to go all the way back home to connect. My phone could not tether due to my limited data plan. So I searched for WiFi and finally detected a faint signal from a Starbucks about a street away. I walked over, sat on the sidewalk, opened my laptop, connected to the WiFi and made the edits before handing in my assignment feeling like a boss."

3. "I made grilled cheese sandwiches using an iron"

Kristy, 19 is currently pursuing a diploma in Mass Communications. "Okay, the other day I was super hungry but I didn't want to just make some sandwiches. So I made a cheese sandwich, wrapped it in aluminium foil and used an iron to toast it. Best decision I've ever done."

4. "I used a kettle to cook instant noodles because I didn't have a pot"

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Raj, 30, was a culinary arts student in Australia. "Okay, this is probably embarrassing because I didn't have a pot in the kitchen, especially as a culinary student! I was lazy to cook since I've been doing that all day. So I just took a kettle, boiled the water and dumped instant noodles and the seasoning. I poured it out onto a bowl and it was delicious."

5. "I turned a toilet roll into a stationery holder"

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Jon, 21 is currently a medical student. "Okay, I have to put this on record that my housemates and I are lazy people. We never throw away empty toilet rolls. So instead of going all the way down to throw it in the rubbish bin, I turned a few into stationery holders. The best part is that I feel like I'm contributing to the environment."

6. "I used a pizza box as a dustpan because the dustpan was stolen"

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Edwin 23, was on a student exchange programme in the United States. "Over here, pizza is life. I know it's so bad for my waistline but it's so good to eat! Anyway, we were having this pizza party and there was a huge mess afterwards. We had to clean up but we found out that the dustpan was stolen. So we turned empty pizza boxes as dustpans and we felt like we invented something awesome."

7. "My clothes were wet so I dried it by pegging it to my ceiling fan and turning it on at maximum speed"

Philip, 33 was a business student in Malaysia. "I did my laundry on Sunday afternoon and hung it out to dry. I then went out for a movie but found out that it has been raining heavily. As I had a presentation to do, I rewashed my clothes, I cleaned my fan and pegged my clothes on it. I then turned my fan on at maximum speed and it was dry within a few hours."

8. "I used an egg carton to cool down my laptop"

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Tim, 21, is a marketing student. "I play computer games every day. But one thing bad about this hobby of mine is that it's bad for my laptop in the long run. So, to extend the life of my laptop, I put an egg carton underneath to give it proper ventilation. I sometimes direct a fan underneath so it won't overheat so fast. Now I can play my DOTA 2 in peace."

9. "I Febreze-d my air-con to get rid of the sweaty smell"

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Chris, 23, is a broadcasting student. "I play futsal a lot and my laundry basket is full with sweaty shirts. Unfortunately, I don't do laundry as often and the smell does stink my room up -it's disgusting. So when I did my laundry, I sprayed Febreze into the air-con and turned both the air-con and fan on. Now I don't get paranoid when friends visit my room!"

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