9-Year-Old Sent Health D-G A Friendship Bracelet And He Replied With An Official Letter

"From your new friend, Dr Hisham."

Cover image via Twitter @imancullen_ & New Straits Times

A young child in Kuala Terengganu decided to write to Dr Noor Hisham, thanking him for his service

On Friday, 17 April, Twitter user @imancullen_ uploaded a photo of his sister's letter to the Health director-general.

The tweet read, "So my little sister wrote a letter for Dr Hisham and sent it to his office. Then today [we] got a WhatsApp message with this picture of an official letter, Dr Noor Hisham's reply to my little sister. He is so humble and I respect him a lot for his contributions to our country."

His post has since garnered 9,000 retweets and 9,200 likes.

The little girl even made a friendship bracelet specially for the Health director-general

In the letter that was sent on 19 March, she introduced herself to Dr Noor Hisham as Lara Khadijah McAfee.

She wrote,  "I live in Kuala Terengganu. I am in third grade."

"I make loom bands for my friends to wear on their wrist as a sign of friendship. I have made this blue loom band to thank you for all the work you are doing to help the people of Malaysia stay safe and healthy during this virus outbreak."

The thoughtful child also left her mother's phone number at the bottom.

In a report by The Star, Lara's mother explained that she made the bracelet according to her father's hand sizing as she wanted to give it to Dr Noor Hisham.

One month after that, the girl's family was surprised to receive an official reply from Dr Noor Hisham through WhatsApp

Image via Malay Mail

He started the letter by saying, "Thank you for your letter and the lovely bracelet. My granddaughter is wearing it and she likes it!"

"Your words are too kind but I am not doing it alone," he continued. "I am lucky to have a great team with me to help our country. Fellow Malaysians like yourself, have been a wonderful help by playing your part by staying at home. Please continue to do so, and together we can fight the virus. This won't be for long and I hope you are not too worried. God willing this will be over soon."

Dr Noor Hisham added, "I hope you'll continue to study hard and keep up with your grades. One day, it'll be your turn to help Malaysia. Follow your dreams and work hard for it!"

At the end of the letter, he signed, "From your new friend, Dr Hisham."

Many netizens were touched by the wholesome interaction

One person commented, "And to think that he took time to respond amidst his crazy schedule. Heartwarming indeed."

“Salute to you D-G Dr Noor Hisham. Thank you very much for your great contributions to this beloved nation. We stand by with (sic) your professionalism and dedication. May god bless you,” wrote another user.

Another netizen said, "What a great man, director-general Dr Noor Hisham. Good luck, we are all here to support and help."

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Did you know that Dr Noor Hisham is a local graduate and has served under three different Health Ministers?

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