A Store In Japan Can Help Pluck Out Your Grey Hairs In 30 Minutes For RM146

How to look younger (or balder) in 30 minutes. :p

Cover image via Shiraganuki/Madison Reed

Has the top of your head been feeling and looking a little grey lately?

This store in Tokyo, Japan can fix that by plucking all of your grey hairs for you.

Image via Shiraganuki

Shiraganuki Main Store, which opened in September last year, offers customers this unusual service of pulling out grey hairs, so that you can "look younger".

The word "shiranganuki" simply means "white hair removal", SoraNews24 revealed.

The shop charges 3,980 yen (RM146) for 30 minutes of plucking, 7,480 yen (RM274) for 60 minutes, and 1,000 yen (RM36) for every additional 10 minutes

Using a pair of tweezers, the specialists carefully pluck each grey hair at an average of 30 - 70 strands every 10 minutes.

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Image via Madison Reed

Here are a few results from its previous customers:

"Thank you for visiting us today from Kasai. We plucked 400 hairs from the front and back of your head in the span of one hour!" the caption read, as translated by SoraNews24.

"Thank you for visiting today. You've gone home looking much younger!" another tweet read.

Depending on what you have, the shop also removes partially grey hair strands

A common question they get asked is, "Does it hurt?"

"It depends on the person. Most people voice that it doesn't hurt, but you won't know until you try. Don't worry because we will stop partway through if it hurts too much," the store said to the news daily.

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