5 Common Things You Should Avoid Doing If You're A Noob At Makeup

#2 is every Asian woman's worst fear.

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1. Filling in your entire eyebrow unnecessarily... with black

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Lacking eyebrows can make a big difference to your face. Thankfully, eyebrow powders and liners come in handy, especially if you lack hair strands in this area.

In saying that, avoid using black eyebrow products because they tend to end up looking too harsh or obvious. Instead, opt for a light or medium brown colour to give you a natural look.

2. Getting the wrong foundation shade that doesn't match your neck colour

Have you ever noticed someone looking grey or ashy? It might have been a result of wearing the wrong foundation colour.

A simple way to fix that is to know your undertone. There are three types of skin tone: warm, cool, and neutral.

Do a streak test by swatching the foundation onto your jawline. If it blends and disappears, that's a good sign!

3. Making both eyes and lips the main attraction

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Either make your eyes pop or glam those lips, but please avoid doing both. 

If you're playing up your eyes, go for a more neutral lip colour. However, if your lips are stealing the limelight, keep your eye makeup natural.

Unless you're heading to a '70s-themed party, then go crazy. :p

4. Not. BLENDING. enough.

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Wearing eye shadows and contouring your face can sound extremely scary, especially if you're new to wearing makeup.

The key is to blend and blend as much as possible. If all else fails, remember that less is sometimes more.

5. Leaving gaps between your eyeliner and lash line

It seems like a small common mistake that, unfortunately, doesn't go unnoticed. To avoid this, don't be afraid to go over your eyeliner a second time to fill in any gaps. 

Depending on your eye shape, it might help to tilt your head back slightly to check if there are remaining gaps between your lash line and eyeliner.

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