This Luxury Train Ride Takes You On A Scenic Tour Of Southeast Asia Just Like In Europe

It's like a mobile five-star hotel.

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Your idea of a holiday could be a flight or bus ride to Singapore or Bangkok, but what if it could be a scenic train ride instead?

This vintage-looking train is the Eastern & Oriental Express:

Eastern & Oriental Express (E&O) is operated by Belmond Ltd; the same company that operates the prestigious Venice Simplon-Orient-Express which travels through Europe.

Unlike its European counterpart though, E&O takes passengers on a soothing ride through Southeast Asia instead.

Within its deep green-and-gold carriages, the E&O has all the facilities that turn it into a travelling luxury hotel

There are carriages for dining, sleeping, or lounging - whether it's in the bar car, library, or the large open-air observation deck.

Observation Deck lounge.

Image via Instagram @thenomadicpeople

Dining car.

Image via Instagram @josejeuland

The open-air observation deck, in particular, seems to be the most popular place to be Instagrammed in

Passengers can choose to lay their head down each night in one of three cabin options

Presidential Cabin.

Image via Belmond

The three options are:
- the more affordable Pullman Cabin (available for solo travellers as well),
- the light and airy State Cabin, or
- splurge on a Presidential Cabin that comes with WiFi connection and a minibar.

All cabins are complete with en suite bathrooms and are fully air-conditioned.

State Cabin.

Image via Instagram @easternoriental

Pullman Single Cabin.

Image via Belmond

Unlike usual trains, the E&O offers a 'journey' rather than simple ol' train tickets

Each package includes accommodation, dedicated 24-hour steward service, and guided cruises or excursions at various stops along the way.

Oh, and daily three- or four-course meals as well, including a continental breakfast served to you in your own cabin.

There are four journeys on the E&O to choose from:
- Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok (2D1N),
- Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur (3D2N),
- Bangkok to Singapore (4D3N), and
- Singapore to Bangkok (3D2N).

If you're looking to splurge a little more, then there's the Fables of Peninsula package. The 7D6N journey will take you on a languid, dreamy ride from Singapore all the way to Bangkok, Thailand.

In addition to all the other perks, this package includes extra excursions and overnight stays at hotels in Cameron Highlands and Singapore. 

So, if you'd like to splurge on yourself or someone special, you can book your getaway over here

Packages prices start from USD2,700 (RM11,000) per passenger and are limited to a small number of passengers.

You can still have a luxury getaway without the excessive splurging. Here are some recommendations:

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