This Insta-Worthy Massage 'Bar' In KL Is Perfect For A Pick-Me-Up Session With Friends

I feel so relaxed just thinking about it.

Cover image via Instagram @therubbarkl

The end of the week is the perfect time for some self-care pampering - whether by yourself or with a group of close friends

Here is one place that not only makes for great Insta-memories, but will also leave you feeling rejuvenated. ;D

The Rub Bar - a play on the Malay word "raba" - is a boutique massage 'bar' that is located on Jalan Kamunting, Kuala Lumpur.

(If you're a foodie, you'll recognise the name of the road as the location of the famous Yut Kee Restaurant.)

The pampering begins from the moment you walk into The Rub Bar - with refreshments and light snacks to enjoy while waiting for your appointment

There's an assortment of cookies and biscuits for guests to nibble on, along with lemon-infused water or ginger tea to drink it down. 

More than being an insta-worthy spot, it boasts six different ways to get that much-deserved pampering!

The list of services include:
- Body massage, with or without aromatherapy oil (from RM69),
- Foot reflexology (from RM49),
- 3-in-1 massage, which combines the foot, neck, and head and shoulder massages (from RM79),
- Back and shoulder massage (RM50),
- Kids massage (RM49), and
- Scrapping Gua Sha treatment (RM69).

Scrapping Gua Sha is Rub's signature must-try treatment! Using the ancient Chinese method of massaging one's body with tools, the skin is scrapped to relieve the body of flatulence and muscle aches - leaving you refreshed and fully-cleansed, both inside and out. 

Unlike its bright and airy entrance, the upper levels where the treatments are carried out have a super serene and cool ambience

Image via The Rub Bar
Image via The Rub Bar

Just the thought of it is making me sleepy.

Image via The Rub Bar

Each little "room" is separated by thick curtains. If you're there with friends, you can choose to leave the curtains between each "room" open so you can still see each other! 

The thick curtains really help to keep the noise out, and coupled with the soothing music playing over the speakers, aids in the whole process of relaxation! It's almost guaranteed that you'll fall asleep.

At the end of it all, you can even mix your own 'cocktail' to bring the pampering home with you

Customers can take home a piece of The Rub Bar with them in the form of a bottle of hand and body lotion - infused with one's preferred choice of essential oils, colourful and whimsical bars of organic soap, or a tin of "scoop it yourself" scrub!

The Bali Black Coffee body scrub is highly recommended. A simple whiff of it brings a breath of invigoration to the body!

View the prices here.

Are you ready to get your "raba" on?

The Rub Bar's trained therapists (in black).

Image via The Rub Bar

You can contact The Rub Bar via Facebook, their website, or WhatsApp at +6014-735 9266 to find out more information or book your own session.

Address: G-04 Menara M101, Jalan Dang Wangi, No. 3, Jalan Kamunting, 50300 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours: 10am to 10pm daily, including public holidays.

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