All The Annoying But Cute Things About Women, As Told By 11 Guys

Women are complicated creatures. We asked 11 guys what women say or do that drive them crazy, but are ironically some of the same things that make them endearing. NOTE: The names of the interviewees have been changed to protect their privacy.

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1. The non-stop questions when watching sports games

"I can never watch a football match in peace because she always seem to have an endless amount of questions to ask.

What is offside? Why did he get a red card? What does a midfielder do?

But I have to admit, I really appreciate her effort to involve herself in my interest." - Andrew, 21, Student

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2. Being absolutely clueless when it comes to fixing things

Whether it's changing the light bulbs, not knowing how to turn on an electronic device or jump starting a dead car, Nathan (32, Software engineer) finds it irritating but quite adorable how some girls seem to be helpless in those situations.

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3. Trying to be 'gangsta' and attempting to rap (really badly)

"When a rap song comes along and if she knows that song, you can bet she's going to try to rap along to it. Keyword being try! And she's absolutely shameless about it too. It makes me cringe sometimes but most of the time it makes me laugh." - Brian, 24, Sales executive

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4. "I'm always running out of clean T-shirts to wear cause my girlfriend keeps wearing them"

"I'm always running out of clean T-shirts to wear cause my girlfriend keeps wearing them. She has a huge walk-in closet completely filled with clothes, but she keeps 'stealing' T-shirts from my barely-filled tiny closet. Her excuse is that my clothes are more comfortable but why can't she buy more comfortable clothes then?!

But all is forgiven when I see her in my T-shirts. She has a way of making them look better on her. Doesn't hurt that she looks so darn sexy in them as well." - Jeff, 25, Event executive

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5. Has great tenacity but refuses to get help from other people

Joe (27, Designer) used to date a single mother. It was no doubt that she was a strong and an independent woman, but she was also constantly putting on a tough act like she didn't need him. Though he really admired her strength and her tenacity, he found it to be frustrating sometimes.

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6. "I can never win a fight with her!"

"When she knows exactly what to say and when to say them. I can never win a fight with her!

It can be frustrating at times, but it's one of the things I love about her." - Paul, 23, Sales executive

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7. Playfully hitting guys. Okay, it doesn't hurt (most of the time) but still...

"When they hit you: Annoying for a moment but it is kinda cute" - Eric, 24, Software engineer

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8. Describing clothes or shoes using unnecessarily specific terms

"According to her:

- my 'khakis' are 'camel tan' in colour
- my T-shirt is a 'cobalt blue' shade
- my 'dress shirt' is a 'periwinkle' colour

These are beyond my comprehension! But at least I know I can trust her to pick out a good shade to paint the walls." - Kyle, 28, Social worker

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9. Dropping subtle hints and expecting guys to pick up on them

"I'm a very straightforward person. I am terrible at the guessing game. So whenever I pick up on subtle hints, I feel like mind reader! Makes me go (almost) crazy though when I can't figure out what the hints are." - Ryan, 21, Student

10. Singing all the time, wherever they are

"She loves singing and she sings all the time. In the kitchen. In shower. In the car. You name it. The thing is, she's really bad at it!

But it's just too cute when she pretends to be Beyonce." - Billy, 22, Student

11. Taking ages to get ready even if it's just a short trip to the pharmacy

Ben (27, Senior sales executive) doesn't understand why it takes his girlfriend so long to get ready even if they're just going to the mamak. Or to the pharmacy to grab something. But she always comes out looking so nice, so it's all worth the wait.

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What are some other annoying but endearing things that women do? Let us know in the comments!

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