Ang Moh Opens Rambutan With A Peeler And These Are Indeed The End Times


Cover image via TikTok @hommiepen

Let's get one thing straight. Unless you want to come under the wrath of Asians all over the world, please, PLEASE do not open a rambutan this way.

American TikTok user Gavin Smith recently posted a video of him attempting to open the fruit and here's what happened. 

First, he tried using a peeler. Yes, a friggin' peeler.

I could feel my skin crawl watching this.

And when that didn't work, he used a knife to split the whole fruit in half. Seed and all.

How... why. 

Anyway, thank the Lord, Gavin eventually figured out how to take the skin off and even said he enjoyed the fruit despite it being "weird looking"

But not before Malaysians all over Twitter died a little inside

Malaysian Twitter user @sabrinemra tweeted the video on 2 December, which has now received over 12,400 retweets.

Here's the video. Don't say you haven't been warned:

At least this guy got it right:

Remember when these people educated us about the "right" way of eating these foods:

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