5 Of Asia's Hottest Vendors Made Famous By Social Media Fans All Over The World

They made it big with good genes and fast Internet...

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1. Yi Tin Chen, a tau foo far seller from Taiwan is proof beans are indeed good for your heart

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Despite contrary belief he is NOT a model but he does work at Mercedes-Benz apart from the tau foo far stall according to his Facebook page. The 27-year-old has been rumoured to be the shop owner's godson and helps out occasionally at the shop hence explaining his existence there.

Now who wants tau foo far for dessert? Hint: The shop is near Beitou subway station in Taiwan

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2. A bit closer to home, we have Abang Sado aka Fadir Che Ahmad, our very own hunky butcher from Jeli, Kelantan

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First spotted by the parody page, 'Astro Awatni', the 28-year-old was like any other butcher until he started hitting the Jeli Gym & Fitness, turning him from Fadir, the friendly neighborhood butcher to Fadir, the hot butcher.

Don't we wish all our butchers looked like this? Such a plus point to visiting the market!

3. You Shenglun, Taiwan's only topless baker who is looking for a future girlfriend who likes to sing

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The 20-year-old baker has been given him the nickname 'Donghu Market Cake Brother' as customers sometimes queue round the block to see the online star in action.

"I just smile at my customers. There's nothing else, I just behave normally and give them a genuine smile," he said in an interview with SET News in Taiwan. You added that he is single and he hopes his future girlfriend is kind-hearted and likes singing.

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Occasionally, he bakes with a t-shirt on

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4. Ji Zezhi, a street vendor from Chaoshan has not only got the police chasing after him but also netizens

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This 24-year-old iPhone cover seller was first spotted when Guangzhou Daily reported about him returning to his usual spot despite being chased off by inspectors 7-8 times a day.

However his good looks soon caught the attention of netizens with some even comparing him to German-Thai model Mario Maurer. It has also led to some wanting to chase him down. Ji Zezhi has now moved his stall online to Taobao, the Chinese version of eBay because his stall has been confiscated by the inspectors and lead to a loss of income for him.

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5. Charlene Chang @ Pork Princess, also from Taiwan, has guys lining up for her number. Even grandmas wanted to hook her up with their grandsons.

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Since the 25-year-old former philosophy student decided to drop out of college and pick up the family business of butchering at Taipei City’s Dongmen Market, business has been brisk with everyone wanting to meet this beauty. Even mothers and grandmothers have visited the stall to introduce their sons and grandchildren to her.

She definitely gives a new face to Miss Piggy with her winning smile and looks! Click here for more about the Pork Princess.

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