[PICS/VIDS] That's It, Nick Bateman Will Explode Ovaries And Ruin Other Men For You

We wouldn't mind seeing him shirtless. All the time. Warning: Your thirst is about to get very real.

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Ladies (and some gentlemen), meet Nick Bateman

He's a Canadian model and actor. And he's also really, really ridiculously good-looking.

He seems to always be shirtless. Guess you won't ever get cold when you're this hot.

Mmm, we wouldn't mind waking up to that. We meant the coffee, of course!

He ain't just a pretty boy, either. Look at his martial arts skills! He sure is good with his hands...

He looks like he can do some pretty good damage #BoStaff

"I wanna be his staff... I wanna hold his staff," Mei Mei Chu, SAYS Writer.

Apparently, he can even defy the law of gravity

Of course, he has his flub sometimes. But only in the most graceful way ever.

During his free time, he likes to chill out with his dog

They do things like tanning...

...or swimming

Sometimes they like to have a lazy day in, napping

"I have never wanted to be a dog so bad in my life," Samantha Khor, SAYS writer.

Who looks THIS good after a hike? Nick Bateman does.

Soooo hot... ahem, the grill, we mean

"Does he come with the kitchen?"

We definitely wouldn't mind playing robber and getting handcuffed by Policeman Nick ;)

"Feel free to search me and pat me down anytime, Officer ;)," Samantha Khor, SAYS Writer.

Things also get extra hot when he hangs out with the boys

"Raise indiegogo campaign to buy shirts for them," Darian Goh, SAYS Writer (and confused guy in the editorial team).

Who needs a winter jacket when you're hot like him?

We'd sure like to ride that. C'mon, just look at that bike.

"He can ride me like that bike anytime," Samantha Khor, SAYS Writer.

Feeling the heat yet? Time to quench that thirst.

"I jelak reading this story," Darian Goh, SAYS Writer (still confused guy in the editorial team).

Okay, just one last photo

You're welcome.

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Feeling all hot and bothered yet? Why stop here? ;)

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