Australian Woman Gets Fined RM8,069 For Accidentally Bringing Sandwich Home From Singapore

All that for a six-inch sandwich.

Cover image via Business Insider & @_jessicaleeee (TikTok)

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A woman took to TikTok to share how she was fined AUD2,664 (RM8,069) after bringing a Subway sandwich she bought from Singapore back to Australia

The traveller, known as Jessica Lee from her TikTok, started off the video by expressing her frustration at the Australian government.

"I feel like crying," she said.

She explained that during her transit at Changi Airport after an 11-hour flight, she felt hungry and decided to buy a footlong Subway sandwich.

"I ate the [first] six inches before my second flight and saved the other six inches for the flight."

She had asked airport security if it was okay to bring the sandwich onboard the flight and they said it was alright to do so.

However, on the plane, she changed her mind and decided to eat the sandwich when she landed home instead.

She admitted that it was her mistake for failing to declare the sandwich

"Basically, I thought the declaration thing was only for your carry-on and your luggage," she explained.

For that reason, she paid no mind to the sandwich and did not declare that she was bringing chicken and lettuce into the country.

"And that is a 'nice' AUD2,664 to be paid in 28 days," Jessica lamented.

She then mentioned that she had just quit her job before the trip and had rent to pay before ending the video with a sarcastic laugh.

The video went viral and received over one million views and 1,118 comments as of writing

Many of the commenters on TikTok empathised with Jessica, saying that she should not have to pay the fine and that there should have been other ways to proceed with the matter. 

However, she acknowledged that the issue was her mistake and has taken ownership.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Following her TikTok, Subway Australia reached out to Jessica and sent her a special package

The package contained several Subway brand items including a bucket hat, tumbler, and socks.

Jessica posted a video of herself unboxing it on TikTok and reading out the letter Subway Australia sent to her.

"To say thank you for eating fresh, we have uploaded a Sub card with AUD2,664 just for you. We hope that this covers all your chicken and lettuce needs. Love from your Subway fans," the letter read.

"Subway, you have outdone yourselves and this fine is worth every single penny," Jessica responded.

She ended the video by saying, "You can best guess what I'm getting for lunch and dinner."

Watch the video here:


Australian government tings starting that OF back up again to SURVIVE the next few months #fyp #australia #subway #boujee

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