Ramadan Bazaar Vendor Catches Netizens' Attention For Storing Their Drinks In Aquariums

From glup glup to blup blup.

Cover image via @nughulllllllll (Twitter) & @halalfoodiemy (Instagram)

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A vendor at Ramadan Bazaar Arau, Perlis, recently went viral after a photo of their stall storing drinks in a quirky way was shared online

The image was shared on Twitter on Tuesday, 4 April, by user @nughulllllllll with the caption, "Their water container is so unique."

In the photo, the vendor can be seen selling two types of drinks at their booth, one coloured yellow and the other red.

While nothing seems odd about the drinks, what caught Malaysians' attention was the fact that they were stored in glass aquaria.

Netizens were amused by the viral photo and left hilarious comments

One user commented that the vendor might accidentally scoop out a guppy while getting the drinks out of the aquaria.

Image via Twitter

"What fish is in there?" wrote another.

Image via Twitter

"Buy drinks (and get a) free fish," commented another.

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, some concerned users questioned if it was actually safe to store drinks in that manner.

Image via Twitter

At the time of writing, the tweet has garnered over 200,000 views and over 700 retweets.

Below is a video of the vendor selling dragon fruit juice in the aquarium:

Meanwhile, a Malaysian man was upset after he was asked to pay an extra RM3 for a drink with less ice:

These Ramadan bazaar vendors went viral for the wrong reasons:

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