M'sians Urge MOH To Check Food At Ramadan Bazaars After Netizens Find A Lot Of Mouldy Food

One woman accidentally ate a fish filled with maggots, while another bought sour curry puffs.

Cover image via @MALAYSIAVIRALLL (Twitter) & @isusemasaviral (Twitter)

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Since the beginning of Ramadan this year, netizens have been sharing numerous accounts of inedible food they have encountered at bazaars

On Sunday, 31 March, Twitter user @MALAYSIAVIRALLL reposted several photos of rotten curry puffs.

According to the tweet, the woman who bought the curry puffs had purchased them at a local Ramadan bazaar, and she did not expect the food to be bad.

She added that her sister and mother had taken a bite of the curry puffs and immediately noticed that there was something wrong due to their sour taste.

Confused, the woman went on to rip the curry puffs open and saw that the filling of the curry puffs was spoiled.

"To the Ramadan bazaar vendors, it feels like there have been numerous reports of spoiled food that went viral. I didn't think it would affect me until today. I bought two packets of curry puffs, but they were all mouldy," she wrote.

The user also tagged the Ministry of Health's (MOH) official Twitter account, urging them to take action.

Meanwhile, on Friday, 31 March, Twitter user @isusemasaviral shared another incident of a pregnant Malaysian woman who bought fried fish that was also inedible

The woman said that she bought the side dish from a Ramadan bazaar located at PPR Batu Muda, Kuala Lumpur.

She said that she had almost finished eating her meal when she finally realised that the fish was filled with maggots.

"I was about to finish eating when I noticed there were maggots. Not one or two, but dozens of them near the fish's stomach. I initially thought they were rice, but they look like maggots," she wrote.

"I'm not asking for compensation, but please be sincere when you want to do business to generate your family's income, do not mistreat people like this," she added.

Netizens were shocked by the conditions of the food and left their thoughts in the comments section

One user pointed out that spoiled food can be fatal to its consumers, adding that vendors who sell them must be given a fine.

Image via Twitter

Another user shared a tip on how to avoid buying spoiled food at Ramadan bazaars.

"My dad once told me that if you're planning to go to a bazaar, you should come at later hours and see which vendor sold out all their food. When you're going to the bazaar again, only visit those stores," they wrote.

By following the user's suggestion, the public should be able to avoid stores that resell their unsold food.

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, one user recounted that their friend was warded at a hospital for six days after eating food from a Ramadan bazaar.

"Vendors, please be responsible at bazaars. Pity other people," they wrote.

Image via Twitter

In February, a Malaysian woman found frogspawn in the nasi lemak she ate:

These Ramadan bazaar vendors have also gone viral for the wrong reasons:

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