Best Of April Fools': Did You Fall For TM's New WauFi Or Groupon's Selfie Course?

What about Vegemite's new energy drink? Or the scientifically unproven Protein Shower Gel that will make you instantly ripped? Here are the best pranks we've seen this year!

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1. Telekom Malaysia introduces rural broadband service called WauFi where traditional giant kites equipped with solar panels will fly in the air and become a WauFi transmitting system

TM WauFi, an April Fools' prank.

Image via Amanz

WauFi, an April Fools' prank.

Image via Amanz

"Buat masa ini WauFi akan memulakan ujian di pantai timur sebelum kawasan ujian diperkembangkan ke pedalaman Sabah dan Sarawak. Dalam ujian yang dilakukan setiap WauFi yang terbang di udara mampu memberikan khidmat internet kepada kawasan bersaiz 10 kilometer persegi apabila diterbangkan pada ketinggian 60 meter."

"Telekom Malaysia hari ini mengumumkan perkhidmatan jalur lebar luar bandar TM WauFi kepada umum. Melalui WauFi, khidmat jalur lebar yang selama ini terhad kepada pengguna urban kini boleh dinikmati oleh penduduk luar bandar. Wau tradisional gergasi yang dilengkapi panel solar akan terbang di udara dan menjadi sistem pemancar WauFi."

2. This online selfie course on Groupon Malaysia will teach you up to 10 selfie techniques - diagrams and instructions included

Groupon Malaysia posted an online selfie course on their site.

Image via Groupon Malaysia

"Gain acceptance, social recognition, Facebook friend requests and likes on Instagram."

3. You will become instantly ripped with this scientifically unproven Protein Shower Gel

Protein Shower Gel, an April Fools' prank.

Image via Gonutrition

"Protein Shower Gel is a potent and scientifically unproven way to get instant mass from simply washing yourself. Featuring BROtech™, Protein Shower Gel features every single GoNutrition product rolled into one and is packed full of cleanliness, definition and ego. Ditch protein shakes and lather up today to take your body to the next level."

4. A Freedom Food Farm became the first in the world to rare chickens that can lay square eggs, apparently

iTV's 2014 April Fools' prank.

Image via iTV

'Live at a farm in Suffolk reporting on the chicken laying SQUARE eggs'

Image via @NickDixon8/Twitter

5. Swiss chocolate bar brand Toblerone wants to turn their triangular prism chocolate into a square

Square Toblerone chocolate, an April Fools' prank.

Image via @Toblerone/Twitter

The typical Toblerone comes in the form of a triangular prism.

Image via Toblerone

'We’ve got an idea, let’s turn Toblerone square for #AprilFools! That’s how you do it, right?' - Toblerone

6. Headdit, a revolutionary way to browse the worldwide web - with our heads

7. Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un bans One Direction from entering unless they get a hair cut

Mirror's 2014 April Fools' prank.

Image via Mirror

Harry Styles ruffles up his hair.

Image via One Direction Wikia

8. With the help of Google Japan's Magic Hand, one will no longer need to operate their own mobile devices

The nonexistent device weighs just 800g and can be attached to any keyboard. There are right-hand and left-hand versions, as well as ones to replace your thumb, pinkie, cat paw, or back scratcher.

Google Japan's Magic Hand, an April Fools' joke.

Image via The Next Web

9. Samsung and HTC launched new tech gloves - Talk To The Hand: Samsung Fingers and the HTC Gluuv

The Samsung Fingers glove has solar charging, apparently.

Image via Samsung

Gestures with the Samsung Fingers glove can be used to pick up calls and do other things.

Image via Samsung

The HTC Gluuv 'fits like a gluuv'.

Image via HTC

The HTC Gluuv, an April Fools' prank.

Image via HTC

"Samsung came up with the Samsung Fingers smart glove, but HTC has just pseudo-announced the HTC Gluuv. Same basic joke, different execution."

10. Forget toast, Vegemite has a new iDrink 2.1 energy drink for Vegemite lovers

Vegemite energy drink, an April Fools' prank.

Image via Vegemite Facebook

Also on April Fools' 2014, Google placed Pokémon in the real world for you to catch 'em all

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