Google Maps Gets Invaded By 150 Pokémon Characters In The REAL World

Do you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was? Google wants you to prove it.

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Google Is Finally Awarding People The Title Of Pokémon Master

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On April 1st, one of Google’s many (many, many, many) pranks included having a slew of 150 Pokémon infiltrate Google Maps. While some Google Map navigators spent a few minutes searching around their city to catch a Pokémon or two, others spent hours taking that “Gotta catch ‘em all” mantra very seriously.

And their efforts weren’t for naught. Two-and-a-half months later, as promised, Google has sent a bit of appreciation the Pokémon Masters’ way: A letter thanking them for their service and providing them with official Pokémon Master business cards.
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Google Has Been Experimenting With Augmented Reality For Sometime Now, But Never In Such An Ambitious Manner As It Announced Today...

Google's Pokeman Master Game

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Basically, Google Has Launched A Competition Wherein One Person Who Seeks Out Every Pokémon Hidden In Real-World Locations Can Join Google In The Role Of The Pokémon Master

A Pokémon in Google Maps

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In Order To Find The Best Pokémon Master, Google Has Developed A Pokémon Challenge That Google Is Calling "The Most Rigorous Test Known To Man"

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So how does it work? Google has added hidden Pokémon throughout the latest version of Google Maps, and to complete the challenge you have to catch them all.

Sadly, It's An Elaborate April Fools' Day Prank Where Google Is Pulling A Fast One On Diehard Pokémon Fans, Albeit In The Best Way Possible

Using a slick, well-produced YouTube video featuring some unprecedented augmented reality software, Google launched a fake competition wherein one person who seeks out every Pokemon hidden in real-world locations can join Google in the role of the Pokemon Master.

Users who update the Google Maps app on their Android or Apple smartphone will find a new feature in the search. The screen will show locations of hidden wild Pokemon to be caught by those who participate in the Pokemon Master challenge

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While the chance to join Google with an absurd title like Pokemon Master has eluded us for now, the April Fools' hoax didn't stop the company from giving smartphone users a neat little game to play around with in the meantime.

WATCH: The Google Maps Pokémon Challenge Video

But Wait! It Doesn't End There. Google Actually Did Built A Proper Poke-Collection Game. Here's How To Play.

To play, you must you have the most recent version of the Google Maps App. Open it and click the search bar, where you'll see a Pokéball and a button that says "Press start."
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From there, you'll see little Pokémon figures all over your map. There even will be Pokémon-style houses. Like here:
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To Catch A Pokémon, Simply Click It. You'll Have To Search All Over The Globe To Find Them All. Here's What It Looks Like To Catch Mawile In Midvalley, KL:

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The Deadline To Find All 150 Pokémon Is 2 April 2014 At 2:00PM (Pacific Daylight Time)

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Google gave its fake campaign a 2 p.m. PT, April 2 deadline for anyone interested in catching them all. While there's sure to be some type of reward involved, don't hold your breath for the chances of it being a job at the search giant.

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