These 8 Hilarious Puns In The IKEA Cheras Promo Video Are All That Mattress Right Now

"Get Cheras to Cheras!"

Cover image via IKEA Malaysia's Facebook

1. IKEA Malaysia is opening a new outlet! Definitely calls for a DANSA celebration...

"... if you wanna DANSA, you're NORDLI only one!"

2. Remember to invite your whole family to join in too! Yes, including MALM and PAPPIS!

If you haven't realised it by now, these are all the names of the products sold in IKEA - used as puns. :D

3. Gotta make sure you follow the LYRIK and stay in tempo, though! Shake what your mama gave ya!

"... REGOLIT it, shake your ASTERID. You GODIS!"

4. Well, now's the time to show us what you got! KAUTSBY got all day!

"You say you wanna SVIRVEL and show your METOD off..."

5. Come on now, don't mess AROD!

"You gotta party HARTE!"

6. Even if you don't feel like dancing, just KNODD along...

"TISDAG time to party!"

7. ... and be SENSUELL about it cos you're a LOCKSTAR!

8. Once you've finished showing off your moves, get CHERAS to CHERAS!

Check out the full video here:

Get Cheras to IKEA Cheras

No more guessing games. IKEA Cheras opens 19 Nov! Get Cheras down for the biggest housewarming party in Malaysia! #IKEACheras

Posted by IKEA Malaysia on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pun-dainya, IKEA Malaysia! Good job! :D

Image via Imugr

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