BuzzFeed Confuses A Photo Of Durian With Jackfruit In Cooking Video

Even lifestyle guru Martha Stewart has committed the same mistake.

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Our native fruits are constantly embroiled in some thorny situations, from being used as an "alien fruit" to representing domestic abuse

While many of them do not know better about our Southeast Asian delicacies, we would never expect a food network to confuse a jackfruit with our King of Fruits - durian. 

Durian (left) and jackfruit (right).

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The latest crime committed against durians comes from BuzzFeed's food channel Goodful

Image via Goodful/YouTube

In a video titled 'I Tried To Make Popcorn Chicken Out Of Jackfruit', published on 15 December 2019, the host introduces jackfruit, but the photo that pops out is a durian.

The host proceeded to make vegan-friendly popcorn chicken by using canned jackfruit instead of fresh fruit

Image via Goodful/YouTube

"For the sake of this video, I will be using canned jackfruit mostly because I want it to be more relatable for you, but also because I don't feel like dismantling a giant jackfruit," the host says, "it is such a pain in the a**."

After the video went online, it gained some heat from netizens living in the Southeast Asian region

Image via YouTube

Netizens were so upset by it, one of them even posted a screenshot of the video to Facebook yesterday, 2 January

Image via Facebook

"'Jackfruit' according to BuzzFeed," wrote the caption of the viral picture with over 2,800 reactions.

Irritated netizens flooded the comments section over the false portrayal of durian.

"These gweilo (Caucasians) are going to die one day," a netizen joked.

"Gosh. Some of these folks can't tell the difference between jackfruit and durian. Worse yet, they all acting like they're the experts," a Facebook user chastised. 

"Steven Lim from Buzzfeed's 'Worth It' will be offended," another Facebook user wrote, referring to a Malaysian host who works in one of the Buzzfeed's series.

Image via Facebook

In the video's description box on YouTube, Goodful credited Getty Images for the durian photo they used in the video

Image via Getty Image

However, when checking the stock image site, photos of durians are found to be mixed together with photos of jackfruits - and all of them are tagged with the keyword 'jackfruit'.

Since the vegan recipe did not involve a whole jackfruit, it is likely the Goodful production team has never seen a jackfruit before. Hence, the mistake.

Even lifestyle guru Martha Stewart has committed the same mistake:

Last month, a TikTok artist filmed himself opening a rambutan with a peeler:

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