Watching This Dad's BBC Interview Gatecrashed By His Kids Will Cure Your Bad Mood

It's the best thing on the Internet right now.

Cover image via BBC

Yesterday, professor Robert E. Kelly, a political science expert in South Korea, was appearing on the BBC News via Skype to talk about the impeachment of South Korea's President Park Geun-hye

However, little did he knew that his interview about the South Korea impeachment scandal would become one of the most popular things on the Internet.

On YouTube, the interview clip, which is less than 45 seconds in length, has been viewed for more than 4,594,000 times.

And on Facebook, the same clip has over 56 million views.

Here's what happened

The professor was appearing for the interview from his home office, with the room's door closed behind him.

However, just as it began, the door opened, and a child toddled in.

Image via BBC via NYT

At this point, the BBC presenter in the studio informs the good professor, "I think one of your children just walked in"

Professor Robert attempts to send his daughter away, without success.

Image via BBC via NYT

Then another kid strolled in, this time in a walker

Image via BBC

At that point, their mother, Jung-a Kim, bursts into the room, skidding around a corner and frantically trying to grab both of them

Image via BBC

The whole thing was over well within 40 seconds. Watch:

This is what happens when you work from home, professor :D

Image via BBC

What do you think about the whole thing? Do you the professor handled the situation well? Comment to let us know.*

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