Cicak Accidentally Stuck On Girl's Nipple Sticker Gets Gently Peeled Off And Set Free

Booby trap.

Cover image via @hibye.lovez (TikTok)

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A cicak recently found itself in a bit of a sticky situation

On 17 August, TikTok user @hibye.lovez shared a video of how she came home and noticed that one side of her nipple stickers was missing from her table. 

Scanning the room for it, she found this:

A cicak had landed on her missing nipple sticker and found itself stuck.

"[It] probably tried to crawl away but it was stuck to the adhesive," she says in the video, adding that she wasn't sure if it was dead or not, as it was sitting perfectly still for 20 minutes.

Unsure of what to do, she moved the items around it aside, triggering the cicak to move slightly, which signalled that it was indeed alive

Trying to not scare it yet wanting to rescue it, she decided to carry out an 'operation' to save the house lizard

She wore a pair of gloves and carried the little fella to her laundry room where she gently peeled it off the nipple sticker with a pencil.

After making sure that the cicak, which she affectionately called a 'baby dino' was all good, she set it free and bade it farewell

People were freaking out in the comments, while some admired the woman's courage

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Cicak lives matter.

You can watch the videos here:


part 1 of my lizard adventures… lol i remove it in part 2 which is already out #tiktoksg #ntu #lizard #sgtiktok

original sound - amandy - amandy

part 2 of saving a lizard from starving to death on my nipple sticker LOL it took 15 minutes #tiktoksg #lizard #ntu

original sound - amandy - amandy

This cicak wasn't as lucky:

House lizards can actually help to eat mosquitoes and other small roaches. But if you still want to keep them away, here are some ways:

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