CNN Listed Beef Rendang As Curry And Malaysians Are So Done With This Sh*t

Another week, another person getting Malaysian food all wrong.

Cover image via CNN & Rasa Malaysia

CNN recently came up with a list of different curry dishes around the world.

Apparently, beef rendang was named as the Malaysian version of curry.

On 24 January, CNN tweeted, "What exactly is curry? It's not a single spice, nor is it the curry tree (though the leaves are used in some dishes). Here's what it looks like in 12 places around the world."

Image via Twitter @CNN

While they matched other countries and their signature curry dishes correctly, Malaysia and Indonesia were lumped together at number five on the list, with beef rendang chosen as our "curry" dish.

Image via Twitter @CNN

In an article, CNN explained that beef rendang is a type of "dry curry"

Beef rendang.

Image via Rasa Malaysia

According to 'From Pakistan to the Caribbean: Curry's journey around the world', rendang is a "relatively dry curry dish made with beef or chicken braised in a sauce of coconut milk, lemongrass, ginger, and cinnamon for an ultra-tender texture."

They also cited Nyonya and Kapitan chicken curry which is famous in Melaka and Penang respectively.

Kapitan chicken curry.

Image via Taste Asian Food

Many netizens came forward to correct the American news platform

A few social media users stressed that curry and rendang are not the same.

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, one person explained the differences between the two dishes.

They wrote, "In Malaysia, curry must have these common mixed powdered spices: dried chilli, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, tumeric, etc. Common known rendang in Malaysia does not have fennel seeds and coriander seeds in the recipe."

Image via Twitter

One netizen even jokingly shared a more accurate representation of curry in Malaysia.

Image via Twitter

Another week, another person getting Malaysian food all wrong

Image via GIPHY

I wouldn't recommend messing around with Malaysians. They will 'die die' defend their local food:

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