"Chris Martin Supports The Marriage" — Groom Gifts Coldplay Tickets As Dowry To Wife

The groom "fought" a full-fledged online war to get the coveted tickets.

Cover image via @orangdalamkamu (Twitter) & @tasyawd (Instagram)

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A couple in Indonesia has gone viral after the groom gifted his wife tickets to Coldplay's upcoming concert as part of a dowry


The groom's brother shared a video that captured the moment on his Twitter account @orangdalamkamu, where he wrote that his "brother got married with Coldplay tickets as dowry".

He joked that it seemed like the marriage was supported by Chris Martin, the lead singer of the British pop-rock band scheduled to perform in Jakarta on 15 November and in Kuala Lumpur on 22 November.

The groom and the bride.

Image via @tasyawd (Instagram)

During the solemnisation ceremony, the bride's father is seen holding the groom's hand in order to give his daughter away to him

"I betroth you my daughter, Anestasya Ayu Widiadana, with a dowry of 21g of gold, a set of prayer clothes, and Coldplay's concert tickets, paid in full," the bride's father can be heard saying in the video.

The groom, Faridz Kyab, then accepted the marriage "with the stated dowry".

According to Anestasya, she had expressed her desire to go to the concert as it was her dream to see the band perform live

Faridz, who wanted to fulfil his soon-to-be wife's wishes, tried his best to get the tickets and manage to secure two Category 3 tickets which cost IDR3,250,000 each, approximately RM1,000 per ticket.

Anestasya told Kompass that Faridz's parents then suggested that the coveted tickets to Coldplay's concert should be turned into part of her dowry, given the struggle he had to go through to buy them.

Watch the video here:

Similarly, a husband surprised his wife with Coldplay tickets for Mother's Day:

Recently, Chris Martin shared with Malaysian fans the band's message of love and acceptance:

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