This Cafe Has Cheeky "Emergency Kits" For When Your Dates Go Wrong (Or Very, Very Right)

Well done, Singapore. :p

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If you ever find yourself in the middle of a bad date or get caught in a zombie apocalypse, you'd better hope you got trapped inside this "emergency" ready cafe in Singapore. :p

Amazing ice cream aside, Udders in Upper Bukit Timah has left many a customer tickled pink with cheeky emergency boxes for various calamities lining the walls

Even the storefront (above) is modelled after the "In case of emergency..." glass boxes, complete with a shattered glass effect!

Kena con by your Tinder date's super hot profile photo? Have a beer.

Vice versa, they've got you covered if your date is going miraculously well too. ;)

If you're having trouble rising to the occasion, break this

"When I say 'Shotgun', you say 'Wedding'!" - Panic! At the Disco (2005)

It's okay if you don't have a date (or don't have any friends)... Elmo is always here for you

Help yourself to these if you feel like you need to let off a little steam... or are just plain bored

Remedies for your personal life aside, the cafe has also prepped emergency utilities for mildly threatening situations like small fires, itchy noses, and when you forget your wallet at home

This is where you wanna be when fictional villains or scary monsters launch an attack on humanity

Unfortunately, you're probably not supposed to actually break the emergency glass boxes. But you can totally stop by to take a few pics for your Instagram. :p

Udders' Bukit Timah outlet is located at 17, Lorong Kilat, #01-08 Kilat Court, 598139 Singapore.

Opening Hours: 
Monday - Thursday: 12pm - 11pm
Friday: 12pm - 12am
Saturday: 11am - 12am
Sunday: 11am - 11pm
Eve of PH: Till 12am

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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