[VIDEO] Cow Hilariously Crashes Malay Wedding & Eats Nasi Minyak With Guests

Some guests panicked and tried to flee.

Cover image via @adidd15 (TikTok)

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Weddings are the best places to eat delicious food, meet new people, and reconnect with loved ones

A TikTok video shared by user @adidd15 recently gained attention from netizens after an 'unexpected guest' crashed a wedding in Sabah to taste the food there.

In the 10-second clip, a cow is seen eating what appears to be traditional Malay wedding food, nasi minyak.

The cow eats the packaged food while standing under a tent, with some guests panicking and trying to flee.

A man can also be heard yelling, "The wedding invited a cow!"

Netizens were amused by the cow's actions and left hilarious comments

"Even a cow was invited, ya. This wedding host is so nice," commented one user.

Image via TikTok

Another asked who gave the cow the wedding invite.

Image via TikTok

"It wants to have a taste of nasi minyak," wrote another.

Image via TikTok

Watch the full video here:


Kecoh!! sapi tiba² datang ke majlis kawin

bunyi asal - Aditt

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