Would You Strip Naked Or Sell Your Own KIDNEY For An iPhone? Well These People Did...

Crazy is probably an understatement.

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1. Girlfriend stripped naked in front of hundreds when boyfriend doesn't buy her an iPhone 6S. Poor guy, he probably bought her some new clothes too.

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People are usually desperate to get their hands on the latest Apple product. But it could be argued that this woman has gone to extreme lengths in an attempt to secure herself an iPhone 6s. After reportedly failing to persuade her boyfriend to buy her the latest gadget, the woman, who was caught on camera in a shopping centre in China, decided she had only one option.

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She stripped completely naked in front of hundreds of other shoppers. In the clip, the woman can be seen exchanging words with her partner before tearing her clothes off and throwing them onto the floor. It is not clear how the argument ended - or whether the woman ever ended up getting her hands on the iPhone 6s.


Here's the video in its entirety. What's even crazier is how pedestrians walk pass without blinking an eye, probably just another day in the life of a PRC.

2. Shopper lined up for iPhone 6S using her iPad. This is actually pretty smart, good idea for those lining up for the launch on 16 October.

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In the smartest time management yet seen in an iPhone line, Lucy Kelly has outsourced the job to a telepresence robot, also called Lucy. The robot, created by Californian company Double Robotics, is an iPad attached to a Segway-type device that allows a person to be somewhat physically present despite not being there.

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The robot is awaiting the arrival of the latest iPhones on Friday, the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. Australia is the first country in the world to get the devices, due to the advantage of timezones.

She will wait in line for one night, in a special tent that comes complete with a charger to keep her juiced up and gives shelter from the rain. Kelly will be her face and voice for the duration. "I am staying here the whole time," she said. If all goes to plan, the robot will then purchase the iPhone without any human interaction.


3. Thief stole iPhone from a toddler's hand. It has been reported that the 20-month-old was finishing her Barney film.

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With his grey hair, smart dress and spectacles, he’s certainly not your archetypal mugger. CCTV captures the elderly man bending down as if to help toddler Luella Hinnigan in her buggy. But in reality, he was stealing an iPhone the youngster was using to watch an episode of Barney the Dinosaur.


Baby Luella clearly isn't happy.

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The incident occurred on 22 September 2002 as Danielle was on a shopping trip with Luella and her family. Lancashire Police believe the thief, who may have been with a female accomplice, followed them in after spotting the toddler holding the phone outside.

The man is seen standing in front of the pram looking into it. He then looks around the shop before leaning forward, prising the phone from Luella’s hands and then turns and walks away while stuffing it into his pocket.


Barney would be disappointed to know this...

Nothing shows heartbreak as much as a single tear.

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4. Man tried to sell off his 3-bedroom house for an iPhone 6 or... an Android (Seriously?)

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A man in Detroit has had a hard time selling his three-bedroom fixer-upper after a few months on the market, so he’s resorting to other measures. According to Fox 2 News in Detroit, the homeowner has offered to trade the house for a new iPhone 6. “Is this a joke?” Fox 2 reporter Maurielle Lue asked broker Larry Else, who’s representing the buyer.

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“We’d be willing to do a deal,” Else old Fox 2. “They would be able to get it on quick claim but eventually they would have to pay the back taxes. He might be willing to take anything maybe an Android.”

If you aren’t willing to give up your new iPhone 6, an Android phone to trade for the house could be put on the bargaining table. Others find the idea of trading any type of phone to be ridiculous


5. A clear example of people's obsession over gadgets going wayyyyy too far - Chinese couple tried to sell their newborn baby for a brand new iPhone

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An unemployed couple will stand trial in Shanghai for allegedly selling their baby and using the proceeds to bankroll an online shopping spree, including the purchase of an iPhone. The couple, named only as Mr Teng and Ms Zhang, began posting online adverts for the child in June this year, Shanghai’s Jiefang Daily newspaper reported on Friday. The adverts suggested they would be willing to part with their unborn baby in exchange for up to 50,000 yuan (£5,070).

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After a home birth, designed to cover-up the crime, they handed over the baby girl and received a large cash payment into their bank account on the very same day. Mr Teng and Ms Zhang reportedly told prosecutors they were acting in their daughter’s best interests, claiming they had hoped to place her with a financially stable family who could provide an education. “We did not give the baby away for money but in order to give it more security,” they were quoted as saying.


6. Desperate to get their hands on the new iPhone 6S, two Chinese men tried to sell their KIDNEYS

A Chinese man with his gadget.

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Two men have attempted to sell their kidneys so that they could buy a new iPhone 6s, according to reports. The men contacted an agent to sell them illegally and then set up a meeting, but the man didn’t turn up, according to the state-run China Daily newspaper. Since then, one of the two men has gone missing, it reported citing local newspaper Modern Express.

One of the two men, named Wu, was looking to buy the brand new handset, but didn’t have the money. A friend, Huang, suggested that the two of them sell a kidney to raise funds — a common practice in a country where organ donation is low and has led to a flourishing market.

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The two got in touch with a salesman over the internet who told them to undergo medical tests at a hospital in Nanjing. But when they turned up on September 12, the man couldn’t be found. After that Wu, who had originally suggested the plan, reconsidered. But Huang wanted to continue with the plan. Wu called the police in an attempt to stop the sale. But Huang ran away and hasn’t been seen since, according to the local reports


7. Teen girl from China offered virginity for an iPhone 4. Girl, really?! SMH.

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The unnamed teen from Guangdong posted that it is her "dream to own an iPhone 4," but her "father won't let her get one." So, she took to the social-networking site with a picture of herself and some personal information, asking anonymous users of the microblogging service to buy her Apple's most powerful smartphone in exchange for, well, her body.


8. Chinese (Okay, it's becoming a pattern) student offered to share his girlfriend to save up money for an iPhone 6

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A Chinese man has offered to 'rent' his girlfriend out to other men so that he can raise money to buy the latest model of iPhone. Images of Wei Chu, 25, standing outside Songjiang University, Shanghai holding a 'Girlfriend Sharing' advertising board first emerged on Chinese social media earlier this week.

He invited interested passers-by to log on to a nearby wifi network in order to check out images of his 21-year-old girlfriend Xiao Ai, who can be 'rented' for just £1 an hour - although the man insists 'no funny business' can take place on dates he suggests should be focused around dinner or studying


Wei Chu's girlfriend, Xiao Ai.

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Seemingly aware that potential customers may want to spend various lengths of time with his partner, Wei Chu's offer is broken into various pricing categories: £1 an hour, £5 per day and £50 per month. According to posters on Weibo, he claimed his girlfriend was a willing participant in the scheme, which was advertised online under the slogan: 'Sharing girlfriend for pocket money.'


We hope it was all worth it!

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Now that you've been through fire and rain for your new iPhone 6S, it's time to update it: