Frog Comes Back To 'Life' And Hops Off Hot Pot Table


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A woman had the shock of her life when a piece of meat she ordered for dinner decided to make a run for it and hop off the table

In a now viral video, one woman's dinner, supposedly uncooked frog legs decided to crawl off the dining table.

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At the beginning of the video, the raw frog legs can be seen lying motionless on a plate

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At the four second mark, the frog legs begins twitching and appears to hop off the plate and onto the table

You can even hear the woman screaming in fear.

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Eventually the video ends with the frog legs falling to the ground

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Fortunately, the dead frog has not been revived and there is a scientific reason behind this

"Although the brain and heart are not intact, there are cells (in the body) that can still respond to stimuli such as salt or soy sauce," Penn State Uni explains on their website.

According to Huffpost, the meat must be relatively fresh for it to react this way.

This explanation is similar to the dancing squid that went viral online a few years ago.

Although we're not sure which restaurant the woman was dining in, netizens pointed out that it was likely a hot pot place, and that there were at least two other customers when the video was filmed

According to Sin Chew, the video has since been shared over 80,000 times on Facebook and has garnered over 567,000 likes.

Check out the video here:

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