This Woman Is Getting A Lot Of Offers After She Tweeted A Love Advert For Her Cat

Only handsome kitties in Bangi or nearby will be considered.

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A determined netizen has taken to Twitter in search of a partner… but not for herself.

It's for her cat.

"My baby girl is in real heat," @missrushdi wrote on Twitter on 24 July.

The tweet has since garnered over 2,000 retweets.

"Does any cat in Bangi want to marry my daughter?" she wrote, attaching an adorable photo of her cat Chantik in the tweet

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The netizen revealed that her cat has been growling and meowing non-stop, an indication that she is trying to attract a mate.

While the woman said she is "desperate for a husband" for Chantik, she's willing to settle for a one night stand.

"Just touch and go, I'll deal with the babies," she said.

"This is serious okay! I need a handsome boy to pair her with because she's really noisy in my room," the netizen wrote.

She attached a video of the precious kitty wiggling and rolling around as evidence.

Since the woman is busy with work, she specified that only handsome kitties in Bangi or nearby will be considered.

Image via Twitter

Interested netizens jumped at the chance to volunteer their male kitties as tribute.

Unfortunately, many of them were disqualified from the running because they lived too far away.

"If you were near I would just give this one."

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"If you were near, I'd volunteer my cat to be her husband."

Image via Twitter

"I have my handsome boy but at my parents house in Perak, and I stay in Selangor."

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While one in particular could no longer scratch the feline's itch the way she desperately needs

"Unfortunately he's been castrated."

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Luckily for Chantik, several adorable potential suitors live close enough to fit the bill!

"My boy is also in heat. And plus I live in Bangi. Hit me up."

Image via Twitter

"Still solo, need a mate. Bangi area too."

Image via Twitter

There are also a few "f*ckboi" cats in the running, because of course there are

"If you prefer touch n go, this one is perfect. Michael is a f*ckboy."

Image via Twitter

"Here, a gangster, when he was little he was so cute, now he's into polygamy."

Image via Twitter

Another netizen took advantage of the handsome cats offered in the Twitter thread by advertising her own sweet and single feline

"Jumping in. I'm also looking for a husband for her in Hulu Selangor. Her name is Minah."

Image via Twitter

Take your pick, Chantik! The world is your oyster!

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