[VIDEO] How DHL Tricked UPS And TNT Into Advertising For Them

Shipping service DHL used an unconventional method of tricking its competitors into advertising for them.

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That Viral DHL Prank Wasn't Actually Commissioned By DHL

Screen shot from YouTube video titled 'Trojan Mailing'.

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“We were made aware in advance of their intention to use it for this purpose. But we were not aware it would be shared publicly,” Garcia said. She doesn’t seem terribly upset about the surprise publicity, either, adding that the video is “out there now and getting lots of hits. It’s a creative and humorous idea.”

DHL spokeswoman Bea Garcia says the company never commissioned the video — it was actually produced as part of an internal contest for Jung von Matt. (DHL, like JvM, is a German company; its full name is Deutsche Post DHL.)

There’s one problem with the DHL commercial currently going viral on YouTube: It isn’t actually a DHL commercial.

Shipping Service DHL Pulled A Fast One On Its Competitors With A Little Help From Some Temperature-Sensitive Packaging

The new ad, which was spotted by Gizmodo, shows boxes taped up with a temperature-sensitive foil that's completely black when frozen, but turns clear when warmed up.

DHL Cooled These Boxes Down Below Freezing Point

'DHL is faster' ad.

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The Boxes Warmed Up In Daylight, The Black Ink Fading To Reveal A Message That "DHL Is Faster"

'DHL is faster'

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The Frozen Boxes Were Sent To Difficult Locations Through Several Rival Companies, Causing The Delivery People To Struggle With The Boxes While Onlookers Stared On

'DHL Is Faster'

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This Box Was Spotted Covered Up By Patterned Wrapping

'DHL is faster' ad.

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Elite Daily Called This "The Most Brilliant Advertisement Schemed Ever Conceived", FULL VIDEO:

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