E-Hailing Driver Alleges That A Couple Peed In The Car During Their Ride In Cheras

The driver said he spent RM120 to clean the urine-soaked seat.

Cover image via Metro Creative via The News Guard

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A couple allegedly peed during an e-hailing ride in Malaysia and left the vehicle without notifying the driver about the mess they left

In a Facebook post published in an e-hailing community group, driver Kingsley Chew said that the couple ordered an 8km ride, which took him 30 minutes to complete.

He said the trip only made him RM13 in earnings.

Speaking to this SAYS writer, the e-hailing driver said that he picked up the couple near a bank in Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Selangor at 12.55pm on Wednesday, 21 April.

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Image via Metro Creative via The News Guard

However, making only a small amount for a half an hour trip was not the worst thing that happened during the ride

When Chew turned over to look at the couple while they were leaving, he noticed the pants of the man were wet.

"I went to the back seat to inspect and found that the seat was all drenched," he related.

"(What the hell), you peed! Can't you tell me when you have a urinary emergency?"

He said that the man is about 28 years old, before writing in the caption that, "You have grown to become an adult now, but where did you put your brain?"

The driver said the man did not apologise prior to leaving the vehicle.

"Don't ask me why did he pee in the car," he wrote on the photo showing his back seat,  before adding that he has confirmed it is urine because he went to smell it.

He told SAYS that he spent RM120 to clean up the seat and had made a complaint to the e-hailing platform, as he learnt that he can get some compensation from the company.

At the time of writing, the post has since received more than 520 shares.

Chew picked up the couple in Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Selangor.

Image via Mango Loh/PropertyGuru Malaysia

While the driver's experience is unfortunate, some netizens could not help but make jokes about the mishap

In the comment section, one netizen missed reading one of the captions in Chew's post, saying maybe the couple only spilled water on the seat and that he had mistaken it as pee.

"You smell and see if it's pee. Maybe it is just drinking water," said a Facebook user, to which Chew replied, "Brother, I already told you I smelled it."

His reply to the comment garnered some 'Haha' reactions from fellow netizens.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, one netizen asked what is his car plate number as they wanted to buy a lottery ticket of the number.

The driver, writing with a laughing emoji in the end, "Are you serious?"

Image via Facebook

Some netizens even joked that it may not be pee, but ejaculation by the female passenger.

"You can find the answer in a Fake Taxi video clip," a person commented with tongue in cheek, while a few other netizens added, "It is vaginal ejaculation, not water."

Image via Facebook

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