M'sian Claims That His GF's Mum Dislikes Him Because He Only Makes RM8,000 A Month

The man said his girlfriend comes from a wealthy family.

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It is safe to say that one of the nerve-wracking stages of a dating cycle is worrying whether your partner's parents will like you

It gets worse when you are at the stage of wanting to get married, but you are afraid that your partner's parents will not give their blessing.

In a confession post published recently, a man explained his conundrum, whereby on one end, he loves his girlfriend dearly, while on the other end, his girlfriend's mother disapproves of him

The confession post was published on the Facebook page of a local Chinese radio station called MyFM on Tuesday, 20 April.

The radio station regularly asks listeners to send in their love problems, which are then discussed on-air in a segment called MY 爱情 Love All Night, hosted by Daniel Zhen.

In the 200-word confession, the man said his girlfriend's mum thinks that he is not rich enough.

"Yes, my girlfriend's family is really rich. All the cars in her house worth over RM200,000. They have luxurious watches, clothes, and shoes, among others at home," he shared anonymously.

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With that said, he admitted that his girlfriend never minded that he was not from a rich family and loves him very much

"Every time she goes out on a date with me, she doesn't wear famous brands or go to expensive restaurants because she is afraid I'll be under pressure," he related.

"However, her mother is different. She likes to ask how much I earn in front of her relatives and friends every time. She embarrasses me in various ways and tells her daughter to find a rich boyfriend every day."

He lamented that the mother's actions have made him feel inferior, made him feel that he is "not good enough for her".

The man revealed that he "only makes RM8,000 a month", which the mother claimed that it is too meagre.

A woman having more money than a man, can you understand this kind of pressure?
The anonymous confessor

The post has since gone viral with over 1,100 likes while attracting more than 800 comments

Many netizens resonated with the man's struggle.

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"Uh, is it the daughter looking for someone or the mother looking for someone? Strange. And the salary of RM8,000 is quite a lot. It depends on how you spend it," commented a Facebook user.

One netizen shared their grim outlook on the man's relationship.

"It's impossible for people of different classes to stay together for life. Society is very realistic. You will understand one day. Sooner or later you will get hurt," shared the person.

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Meanwhile, some netizens lamented how the man had confessed that he "only" makes RM8,000.

"I can't read on when he said 'I only make RM8,000'," a comment read, while another added, "'Only' RM8,000? Do you know that this number is already an 'astronomical number' for poor families?"

"'Only' RM8,000 is truly very little. My monthly salary is only RM1,700," a person said sarcastically.

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One person even cheekily took her chances on him, saying, "Are you here to show off your salary?"

"But don't worry. Break up with her. Her mother hates you anyway. You two will not go far. Stay with me instead, my mother will not dislike you."

Her comment garnered over 1,600 likes, with many more comments cheering at her quip.

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