Student Rants About Dad For Buying Them A Perodua Myvi Instead Of A Honda Civic

"How can I drive the Myvi out to meet my friends? I simply can't do it."

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A Facebook post detailing why a student is upset with their father for buying them a Perodua Myvi instead of a Honda Civic has left many netizens astounded by their sense of entitlement

Writing anonymously on a university confessions Facebook post last week, the student said they were disappointed with their father because he is not a man of his word.

"[My father] never fulfilled his promises. I need to vent my frustration. Thus, I am writing this," the student began the post.

"A few months ago, he promised to buy me a Honda Civic. Who knew he would buy me an ugly Perodua Myvi as a half-hearted gift."

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According to them, on the day they received the Myvi, they were eating breakfast. Then, their mother asked them to come out of the house to take a look at the new car which had just arrived.

They were thrilled to finally get their hands on a new ride. However, when they stepped outside the house and saw the vehicle, they were dumbfounded.

"Why is it a Myvi? I asked for a Civic! I told my father straight to his face, 'Why did you buy me a Myvi?'" the post reads.

"He told me all cars are the same. He does this every time. He always says this sort of nonsense as his perfunctory response."

"Damn it. He hurt me like that. I said I wanted Civic, yet he did this. I quickly rushed to my room, ignoring him."

They also lashed out at the two salesmen who delivered the Myvi to their house and requested a photo opportunity with the new car.

"They wanted to take a photo (of us with the car). Why not take a photo of their heads instead?" the student retorted, adding that the salesmen scurried away shortly after.

The student said their father is a happy-go-lucky person. Despite making a scene that day, their father still did not lose his temper.

The student shared that they come from a well-to-do family and that the Myvi was paid fully in cash

"Just needed another few extra RM10,000 (to get the Civic). He doesn't respect me at all," they related.

"He drives a Volvo that costs RM300,000. It irritates me just thinking about it."

"How can I drive the Myvi out to meet my friends? I simply can't do it."

They said their friends drive luxury cars from brands such as BMW and Volkswagen, but they never asked their father to buy those cars. All they wanted was a Honda Civic, which costs between RM109,000 and RM 134,000.

They said their friends would ridicule them for driving a Myvi because it cannot race.

"(Myvi) can't outrun other cars. The VVTI engine is terrible. All my friends' car engine capacities are above 2.0."

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The student said they had helped their father by creating an accounting programme for his company, which saved him a lot of trouble

Adding to the reasons why they deserved a Civic, they said they had also scored great results in the last semester.

"After that, I had a cold war with him for a week. As a result, he went everywhere to buy the food I like to eat. He sent me a lot of life lessons in texts. In the end, I relented and reconciled with him," they said.

"The other day, I drove my mother to the market. My mother kept praising this Myvi for having a very cold (air conditioner) and that the seats are wide."

"She kept saying how great the car is. I told her to stop talking as my heart felt like it was being pricked by thorns."

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The student ended the post by saying while their father is not terrible, he is not perfect. They contended that their father should have treated them better now because they would return the favour when he retires.

At the time of writing, the confession post has garnered over 300 comments reprimanding the student for not knowing how to be grateful

"You don't have to borrow a loan, yet you are making noises here. What the hell. You have no idea how lucky you are," a netizen criticised.

"Why did you just request for a Civic? You should have requested a Mercedes-Benz. Civic is 'only' hundred of thousands. Then you should have bought it yourself," a person took at jab at the student.

"If you have the ability, buy it yourself. Your dad is already such a great person for buying you a car. You should be grateful," one Facebook person advised.

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