Netizen Confesses To Pulling Cruel Prank On Classmate's Father Who Runs A Hawker Stall

The netizen called the classmate a 'boastful' student who drives a Honda City to campus.

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While nobody likes a show-off, this netizen has taken it too far to teach their 'boastful' classmate a lesson by plotting an elaborate prank on the classmate's father

Writing anonymously on a university confessions Facebook page, the netizen complained about a classmate who always likes to flaunt his Honda City's car keys in the class.

"He thinks driving a Honda City is very cool. He purposely plays with his car keys in the class, while the people around always scorn him for being a rich boy. It's so frustrating to see," the student confessed.

"When I was bored, I looked him up on Facebook and learned that his father is actually a hawker selling chicken rice. He occasionally goes to the stall to help out his dad and take selfie pictures to post on Facebook."

Upon the discovery, he came up with an idea to give him a lesson.

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The netizen decided to order 100 packets of chicken rice from the classmate's father and disappear once the food was ready for collection

They even bought a new SIM card so that their identity is protected in this prank.

"After thinking for a long time on how to convince him that I don't need to pay for a deposit first, I said that I am an assistant to a Yang Berhormat (YB) in a particular district, adding that the chicken rice will be distributed to people struggling to make ends meet," they wrote in the confession post.

"He believed me right away. I told him I will pay for the chicken rice two days later when I go to his stall to collect them."

Soon after the phone call ended, they threw away the SIM card.

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On the day of collection, they said the classmate posted a status complaining that an 'idiot' pulled an evil prank on his father

According to them, the classmate said the prank had cost his family losing a week's worth of income.

"I was dying with laughter. In the end, they gave the chicken rice to the people in old folks' homes and orphanages," they said.

"I helped you to do some charity. You are so boastful. Don't you offend too many people. I advise you not to be too arrogant in the future!"

The confession post infuriated many netizens, with some leaving comments wishing that the authorities will apprehend the person who pulled the prank

"I hope the moderator will hand over this contributor to the police," a top comment read.

One netizen asked if the person who wrote the confession post felt inferior and that was why they needed to take matters into their own hands.

"He's arrogant, but not his father. The business is not his, but his father's. You hurt his father, but his father didn't offend you," one person contended, while another added, "His personality may be bad, but your brain is worse. I hope you will be punished."

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