First-Time Online Seller Suffers Loss Of RM140 After Prank By A "YouTuber"

The team behind JinnyboyTV has clarified that they are not involved in the prank and, in return, promoted the lady's business on Facebook.

Cover image via Sherley Yu/Facebook

A Malaysian woman who launched her first online food delivery business during the Movement Control Order (MCO) suffered a loss of RM140 worth of burgers thanks to a prankster

In a Facebook post published on Saturday, 25 April, netizen Sherley Yu shared that her close friend received an order of 20 burgers and was told to deliver to Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur.

Screenshots of the WhatsApp exchange show that the prankster claimed that they do not know how to do an online transaction to pay for the burgers upfront.

Thus, Yu's friend - known as Joann Wong - decided to proceed with the order out of goodwill and thought that the customer could be an elderly person who is not tech-savvy.

However, when she drove to the meetup location with the neatly-packed 20 juicy burgers and nuggets as sides, the person who made the order was nowhere to be found.

Wong then received a message that said that the order was just a prank and told her to eat the burgers herself

"Hi, (her car number). It is just a prank. I am Ginnyboy from YouTube. You can eat all the burgers," the message read.

Yu was infuriated to learn that her good friend, who worked hours preparing the burgers, only to treated as some kind of joke by somebody.

Yu said she posted Wong's plight on her behalf because Wong is afraid of netizens calling her "stupid" for not taking a deposit first.

"I can't stand to see my sister being fooled by others. My sister dared not post because she said she was afraid of being laughed by netizens," Yu said, adding that it was her first time running an online food delivery business.

In an interview with Oriental Daily, Yu related that her friend was suspended from work because of the MCO. Thus, it led Wong to start the business as a means to make some money from home.

Yu admitted that Wong made a mistake, but that does not justify customers taking advantage of that and using up Wong's precious time and effort.

It is learned that Wong donated some of the 20 burgers to an orphanage that evening.

At the time of writing, Yu's post has gone viral with almost 5,000 shares.

After the issue blew up, the team behind JinnyboyTV refuted the claim that they are involved in the prank

In a Facebook statement, the team behind the YouTube channel said there is someone going around using the name "Ginnyboy" to "prank" online sellers by ordering a huge amount of food.

"Please stop this, this is obviously not me, and not anyone from the JTV team. This is not funny," said JinnyboyTV, whose YouTube channel has over one million subscribers.

The team has also reached out to Wong and has since helped promote her business on Facebook.

"What I personally take away from this is that some people are bloody idiots, and there are some people trying to do what they can to make ends meet during these trying times," read a separate Facebook post published yesterday, 26 April.

"So, if you're ever craving some homemade burgers do consider supporting this lady. I already did."

You can support Wong's business by visiting here.

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