Subang Student Confesses How They Spend RM3,000 A Month And Netizens Are Losing It

The anonymous student confessed that they have to buy two to three pieces of UNIQLO clothing and visit Pavilion Kuala Lumpur six times a month.

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A student's anonymous post detailing how they spend their RM3,000 pocket money a month is going viral on Facebook

"How much allowance you guys get from your parents?" asked the student anonymously on Taylors Confessions, a page where students of a Subang-based university can discreetly say anything they want in a forum-like space.

The post started with a harmless inquisitive question, but as it went on, Malaysian netizens began to realise that the student has a prodigal spending behaviour.

"I heard my friend his monthly allowance is RM700, and I am shooked to death. How are you guys survive with that money? (sic)" wrote the student.

"When I just started uni life, I got RM2,000 every month, but it is really not enough. And every day, I am stressed my allowance will finish so my parents increased to RM3,000."

But why it's still the same? I still feel not enough.

The spendthrift said people should not expect them to eat chap fan every day.

The post was published on 9 September, and it has since garnered almost 4,000 shares and 2,200 comments

The majority of netizens were in disbelief that the RM3,000 pocket money isn't enough for the student in Subang, while some called the person a "spoiled brat".

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In follow-up posts, the student gave a detailed breakdown of how they spent the RM3,000

"Ok, so RM200 for clothing per month is a lot? I didn't know that you go basic like UNIQLO one shirt already RM79.90 (sic), so one month buy around two to three new clothes shouldn't be too much right?" the student said.

"And then, special meals one month RM200 is ok right? For examples, friend's birthday, gathering, [and] dates. All these you don't expect me to eat mamak, right?"

They went on to say that they spend RM300 monthly on Grab because they have to go to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur six times a month.

"You see from here to Pavillion already need minimum RM25, go back need RM50 total. So one month, I go around six times only what. Or sometimes I go Sunway Pyramid which is nearer but you know... already quite bored (sic)," they related.

They said that the electric bill in their building near their campus is expensive, hence it can cost up to RM200 a month.

"I only open AC from afternoon till night ok, morning I didn't on because morning is cold (sic)."

They also admitted that they might overspend on gaming because they don't want to play a game without a cool avatar, otherwise it will be embarrassing for them.

The student then said they are proud of those who can make do with a monthly RM1,000 pocket money

"Seriously... How you guys survive with RM1000 per month? I am so so curious, even if I eat economic rice minimum is RM10, so yeah I really don't know how you guys do that... Very proud tbh (sic)," they said.

"Btw (sic) don't say I am a spoiled brat. I didn't buy those LV Gucci every month. You should have seen more opulent people, I think I am just an average student."

In the comments section, thousands of netizens tried to make sense out of the student's expenses, especially over necessity to buy clothes and visit Pavilion Kuala Lumpur six times a month.

But a recurring remark persists in all of the posts - and that is the Subang student is a "spoiled brat".

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