'Emo' RapidKL Goes Viral For Love Advice That Involves Asking Commuters Not To Fart

Rapid KL said its public service announcement (PSA)-cum-love advice is "etiquette and tips" when using public transportation.

Cover image via Wikipedia & @myrapidkl (Instagram)

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Rapid KL's social media accounts gained massive attention over the weekend after it shared some lighthearted yet insightful love advice

On 11 November, Rapid KL celebrated Single's Day by sharing four love-themed poems in an Instagram post.

"Not letting out farts on trains is an act of respect for the common welfare. However, letting one go is always better than holding onto them to avoid being hurt," wrote the public transportation company.

"Please put your bag down for the comfort of everyone on the train. However, don't put high expectations on someone, as not every promise will be fulfilled.

"Do not run to catch the train for everyone's safety. However, if you choose to run after an uncertain love, that's up to you.

"Ensure no litter is left behind when exiting the train. However, how to stop caring for someone who treats us like trash?" Rapid KL conveyed its melancholy through these verses.

Rapid KL also emphasised the importance of etiquette and offered tips when using public transportation for the sake of every commuter's wellbeing.

At the time of writing, the post has garnered over 17,000 likes

On Facebook, the post also went viral with over 1,200 shares.

Many netizens were left in stitches over Rapid KL's sudden change of persona on Single's Day, which is also known as Double 11 or Bachelors' Day in China.

"Admin, you are so badly broken, oh my gosh. If there is a best admin award, I'll vote you, bro," read a top comment on Instagram.

"Auxiliary police is always by our side for our safety, but (our lover) will not always be by our side even if our hearts are hurt," a netizen replied with a verse of their own.

"Admin, are you available?" a female Instagram user asked, playfully teasing the person handling the Rapid KL's social media accounts.

Image via Instagram

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