"You Decide Lar" — FamilyMart Comes Up With Hilarious Boyfriend & Girlfriend Menu

*creis in singel*

Cover image via Vanvanlai/ & FamilyMart Malaysia (Facebook)

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Since its debut in Malaysia, FamilyMart, the popular Japanese convenience store, has elevated the convenience store experience to a whole new level

From sofuto flavours that change almost every other month to the many yummy Japanese snacks and hot foods available daily, the convenience store has certainly won the hearts of many.

In a recent Instagram post, FamilyMart has revealed a new menu that is absolute perfection for indecisive people.

If you've ever dealt with an annoying partner who never makes up their mind but expects you to know what they want, FamilyMart has made your life way easier

"Hey couples, we got the answers!" reads the caption of the post, which lists out options such as:

- I Don't Know Leh (RM7.50 - RM9.50)
Corn sausage (potato / double cheese / triple cheese)

- Anything Je (RM6.90)
Brown sugar bubble milk tea 

- Har..? (RM7.90)
Onion cream cheese bagel 

- You Decide Lar (RM12.90)
Cheesy rose tteokbokki 

The new menu has already got people talking

Okay FamilyMart, can make one for singles too, please? :3

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