This RM6 Rotating Enamel Pin Is For Those Who Always Ask "Eh, What To Eat Ah?"

For indecisive people.

Cover image via Bobo Design Studio & AliExpress

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Sick of people replying with "dunno" whenever you ask them what to eat?

Or maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend always says "anything lah" but then rejects every suggestion you give?

Image via GIPHY

Well, it looks like the food gods have heard your prayers.

This gadget will make the decision for you so you'll never have to wonder what to eat again.

Image via AliExpress

With labels of different cuisine choices, the rotating enamel pin will make your life easier with just a flick

Just spin it and whatever the arrow falls on, that's your cuisine choice! 

The selections on the pin include having leftovers, Korean, Chinese, Thai, and there's even an option where you can "Ask Mum" if all else fails. 

Although, we don't know if that means mum decides what to eat or mum cooks. ;p 

Image via Bluelans/Lazada
Image via AliExpress

Apparently, the pin is originally designed by @occasionalish and sold on Bobo Design Studio. However, it's currently sold out.

But we did find similar options online for you to get!

It costs around RM6 to RM9, and you can attach it to your bag, outfit, or cap

Image via Bluelans/Lazada

You can get it on Shopee and Lazada.

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