This Electric Flying Bird Toy Will Keep Your Cats Occupied When You're Malas To Layan Them

You can get it online for under RM10.

Cover image via xiaofeitangstore (AliExpress) & Friendly Life Store (AliExpress)

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Need something to keep your cats occupied at home?

Well, we found these battery-powered electric bird toys that are perfect to accompany them while you're busy!

Not only are they super affordable, your cats will also have so much fun playing with them! Hehe.

All you need is to find a space to hang these bird toys, preferably a spacious room where your cats can roll around and not accidentally break stuff.

It operates with two AA-batteries. There is a line inside to hang the bird and open a switch. You set it up by tying one end of the rope to the ceiling, and the other end to the bird. After the switch is turned on, it spreads its wings and makes a circular flight along the rope.

There are two versions of birbs you can get, an eagle and a parrot

Image via AliExpress

Here's a look at how it actually works:

You can also use it to make your chonky cats exercise a bit before their next meal. :P

Look at how happy they are playing with it though, so cute!

So the next time you're too tired or lazy to layan your furry babies, this battery-powered bird will keep them company

It's available on Shopee for under RM10!

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