Here's How To Care For Your Pets That Are Scared Of Fireworks During The Festive Season

Pawrents will know how scared their furbabies can be.

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It has become a much-loved tradition for people to light fireworks to celebrate a festive season.

However, we are sure that your pets may not feel the same way.

In preparation for Chinese New Year, an animal shelter organisation, Shelter of Hope Penampang, highlighted this issue on their Facebook page.

As many pet parents know, many animals may get distressed by fireworks due to the constant loud bangs and flashing lights.

The organisation said many animals have noise phobias, this is because they have more sensitive hearing than humans. For example, dogs can hear nearly twice as many frequencies as humans and can hear sounds from four times farther away.

 They added that most dogs can hear sounds from 80 feet to one mile away, which means they can hear sounds that humans probably couldn't detect from afar.

Due to the noise, many pets may act out of fear and stress

The organisation highlighted that dogs may show that they are afraid by barking excessively, pacing and panting restlessly, cowering, and hiding behind furniture.

Some may also become destructive by digging excessively at their bedding and floor carpets or try to run away

Meanwhile, cats would try to escape and run away, meow excessively, and scratch or hide behind furniture.

Cats show disruptive behaviour by scratching the furniture whenever they feel anxious.

Image via Pet School Classroom

To help eliminate our pets' anxieties and ensure their safety, here are some tips pet owners can implement before fireworks set off:

1. Check where and when firework displays are being held in your local area

If it's a festive season, ask around to see if people are planning to light up fireworks in the neighbourhood.

If you know beforehand, it is better to keep your pets indoors to easier look after them.

This is because they might get overwhelmed by the sound of fireworks and hurt themselves if you tie your pets to a leash or put them in a cage.

However, if your cat is used to going out anyway, prepare a litter tray outside.

2. Make a safe space for your pets

Make sure your pet has access to their usual hiding places, but also remember to keep doors and windows closed so that they do not get startled and run away.

Alternatively, place a comfy bed in the centre of the house that is away from windows, doors, and walls. If you want to make them feel more comfortable, try putting more bedding and cushions for them to burrow in.

Remember to close the curtains to stop your pets from being startled by the flashing lights, and also keep some lights on so that your pet may choose where they would feel safest, instead of just leaving them in the dark.

Image via Reddit

3. Provide your pets with lots of support and comfort

A calm owner will have a calm pet, so try to be as relaxed as possible, as dogs and cats tend to mirror your mood.

Pawrents are advised to not react excessively to the fireworks, instead, distract yourself and your pets from the commotion outside by doing fun things indoors, such as playing, trick training, cuddling, and offering them verbal praise, tasty treats, or toys.

Playing music or having the TV switched on would also be a help.

Image via Fresh Pet

4. Walk and feed your pets before the sun goes down

Especially if you have a dog, take them out for a long walk, so that they would be tired out and relaxed, as well as not need to go out to the toilet when the fireworks start.

If they need to be taken out again, wait until the fireworks are done, and always keep them on a leash.

Don't forget to also provide your pets with food and fresh water a couple of hours before the fireworks start.

Image via Prudent Pet

5. Make sure your pets have identification on them

It is also advised that your pets wear a collar with identification tags or are microchipped, in the unfortunate circumstance that they escape from your room. 

Owners should make sure the tags also have their phone numbers on them.

The animal shelter said they often find animals looking disoriented and stressed after fireworks go off, and so they hope that pet owners would act responsibly and take the necessary precautions before the festive seasons.

Image via Vet Street

This is also a reminder for you to not buy a rabbit as a pet just for this Chinese New Year celebration:

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