M'sian Woman Goes Viral For Imposing "Fantasy" Standards On Online Boyfriend Advertisement

The woman said that her partner should own at least two properties.

Cover image via 寻友馆 (Facebook) & Asad Photo Maldives/Pexels

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A Sarawakian woman's search for a boyfriend went viral when she advertised her "impossible" requirements on a Facebook dating group, Xunyouguan

According to the post, the 30-year-old woman, who hails from Sibu, Sarawak, said that she wanted a partner whose height is above 178cm, has a weight range of between 55kg and 69kg, and has to be aged between 25 and 35 years.

Although she had no religious restrictions for her ideal partner, she stated that her partner must have shared interests with her.

She also revealed that she will not accept any candidates who have a lower income than her and he needs to have a successful career as well as own two properties.

The woman's details and her requirements for a partner.

Image via 寻友馆 (Facebook)

As for the woman, she introduced herself as someone who is quiet but has an easy-going personality

She weighs 57kg and has a height of 160cm. She also shared that she is a general employee and earns a monthly income of between RM3,000 and RM5,000. 

The woman also said that she doesn't have many friends and is a homebody, preferring to watch movies, drink red wine, and enjoy tea with her sisters.

The bachelorette also said that she does not abide by any religion and is a non-smoker but consumes alcohol.

The woman's requirements drew a lot of flak from netizens, with many claiming that a man who can meet those conditions would be from a "fantasy"

"I told you to find a boyfriend, not make a wish," one netizen teased, alluding to the fact that the woman was wishing for the impossible.

Image via Facebook

While others were shocked at the woman's requirement for her partner to own two properties to date her, some cheeky netizens decided to joke about it.

One Facebook user said, "I have three [properties]. The blue is for me, the pink is for you, and the black is for a child," referring to a picture of three dog houses.

Others jokingly asked if the properties the woman was referring to applied to Monopoly board game houses.

Image via Facebook

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