"Get A Job & Get A Man" — Mother Goes On TV Seeking Help For Single Daughter With 6 Cats

According to the mother, she is very worried for her 38-year-old 'parasite single' daughter.

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We all have those aunties that pry a little too much into our personal lives.

But one mother may have taken it a step too far, going on her local news station to express her worries about her daughter's singledom.

A 70-year-old woman in China, who goes only by her surname Zhang, recently made a stir after she begged her local television station for help.

Donning a mask, sunglasses, and a bucket hat, the mother cites "extreme worry" in relation to her single and unemployed 38-year-old daughter.

Image via Weibo

In the video reported by Chongqing TV, the mother states that her daughter has a degree from a top university, and worked in Beijing and Shanghai before quitting several years ago to return to her hometown of Chongqing, located in Southwestern China.

Explaining the situation in detail, the mother states that her daughter, who is her only child, has been unemployed for more than six years, and hasn't dated anyone since she graduated from university.

"My husband and I are extremely worried about her. We can't eat or sleep well," Zhang said in the report. "We hope she can, like other people, find a job and a man to marry. We'll then be able to leave this world happily, free from concern over her well-being."

Image via Weibo

The mother stated that she and her husband bought their daughter an apartment after she moved home, but later found out she sold it without telling them

According to her parents, the daughter now rents an apartment near her parents' home, and has adopted six stray cats. She posts about them regularly on social media, but doesn't really do much else.

Commenting on the cats, Zhang told the reporters, "She picked up these stray cats and lives with them. Does she plan to rely on those cats for the rest of her life?"

Not understanding her daughter's choices, the mother said she often cries about her circumstance, and tries to persuade her to find a boyfriend or get a job, though she refuses to listen.

"It's a big headache for me and my husband," she said, adding, "We have to bear this emotional pain by ourselves and cannot share it with our friends, because it is embarrassing for us."

Image via Weibo

The media outlet managed to speak with the daughter, who said she's not anxious about being married, and won't find a man for the sake of it

Speaking on her mother's critiques of her lifestyle, the daughter (who refused to appear in front of the camera) stated that the generational gap is the problem between her and her parents' perspectives.

Elaborating on her venture as a pet vlogger, the daughter stated that while she isn't making enough money now, she believes she will be able to eventually earn enough to support herself in the future.

Nonetheless, her feelings on pursuing a relationship stands. Speaking to Chongqing TV, she told reporters, "I will not force myself to accept a relationship I don't really like. If I happen to meet Mr Right, it is okay. I won't do blind dates."

Concluding her statements on the relationship she has with her parents, the daughter stated, "No matter what I say, they just think my lifestyle is not right. They think it's wrong for me to not work or date. They also don't understand why I keep my cats."

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Image via My Modern Met

Since being uploaded to the Chinese video platform, Weibo, the video has garnered over 10 million views and 364,000 likes

The responses differed across the board, with some people siding with the daughter as opposed to her parents, while others outright thought the daughter was being disrespectful.

One comment stated that the parents should not provide their daughter with money or home anymore, and to live their own lives. Eventually, fate and blessings will approach their children and grandchildren respectively.

Another user seemed to piggy-back off this comment, encouraging the parents to focus on their own lives so they can live fruitfully. Going on to explain that their daughter still loves them, the user reminded the parents that her situation is not a reflection of them, and doesn't involve them whatsoever.

Image via Weibo

However, one of the comments seemed to sympathise with the daughter's situation, explaining how many parents don't understand their child's disinterest in falling in love and getting married, going so far as to suggest that parents tend to think their children are abnormal and will be looked down upon if they don't get married by a certain age.

Adding icing to the cake, the commentator seemed to add a valiant point by stating how some parents find normality in their children getting married and then getting a divorce as opposed to never getting married at all.

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Arguably the most sensible and balanced response, however, came from a user who stated that people should not worry about ageing, or getting married for that matter. However, the person did criticise the daughter for selling a house her parents bought her, and remaining jobless for six years.

Continuing the point, the user noted that it is unfair for the daughter to 'work' as a vlogger, while making no profit at all thus far.

Image via Weibo

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