M'sian Confesses Feeling 'Bothered' By Friend's Proton Wira & Gets Slammed For It

The anonymous user asked members of the public whether they were bothered by what cars their friends drive.

Cover image via Manoj Prasad/flickr & Tantan Confessions Malaysia (Facebook)

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A Malaysian netizen recently shared on a confession page about how they were bothered and embarrassed by a friend who drives a Proton Wira

The anonymous user asked members of the public on the Tantan Confessions Malaysia Facebook page, whether they were bothered by what cars their friends drive or own.

The netizen went on to share their predicament about having a friend who is kind and generous, and would always help them whenever they were in trouble.

However, the friend comes from a low-income family and drives a Proton Wira.

"It's just that they drive a Proton Wira and, honestly, I feel so embarrassed, I don't even dare to get into the car," they wrote.

They also added, "Whenever the friend asks me out, I would reject them. I'm really bothered."

This confession angered members of the community, who came to the friend's defence, saying that good friends are hard to come by

Image via Facebook

One user commented, "If you are bothered by others, then just drive yourself."

Image via Facebook

"Why do you mind? Friends with good character are the best," another added.

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A member of the community wrote, "[Why do] you mind what kind of car your friend drives(?) It's not yours... If you don't want to ride in the Wira, just drive yourself, don't let them drive you. It's very simple."

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Read the confession here:

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