Hawkers Have No Future? Woman Declines Dating Man Because He Sells Chee Cheong Fun

When questioned about her relationship status on a dating app, the woman told the man that she is picky when it comes to choosing a boyfriend.

Cover image via Eatbook & Tantan Confessions Malaysia (Facebook)

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A series of screenshots posted on Facebook showing an anonymous conversation of a woman rejecting a man because he works as a hawker has gone viral on Facebook

Based on the conversation on Tantan, a Chinese online dating app, it is understood that the man works as a hawker selling desserts and chee cheong fun.

The woman, on the other hand, works as a beautician.

The man proceeded to ask the woman whether she was attached.

"I don't have a boyfriend. If I did, I wouldn't be online getting to know people," she responded.

The guy was curious as to why she was still single, which prompted him to ask about her relationship status. He even jokingly added, "Give a chance to a single man... like me."

The woman said that she does give chances to single men. However, she admitted to being picky when it comes to choosing a boyfriend.

The woman then declined the man's advances as she does not want someone with "no prospects"

"I'm looking for a boyfriend with the intention to get married, I don't want to find someone with no prospects, like lorry drivers, Grab [drivers], and hawkers, that kind. I don't want both of us to have no future in life," the bachelorette said.

She also wished that the man would find someone in the future but at the moment, she is only looking for friends and nothing more.

The man understood and told her not to overthink the situation as he regarded the two as just friends.

The post garnered hundreds of comments, with netizens criticising the woman for having such a mindset

One netizen said, "My mother used to work as a hawker and she managed to raise five children, and paid for a terraced house."

Image via Facebook

Another Facebook user refuted that hawkers have no future, saying, "My friend earns over RM10,000 a month by selling burgers. The hawkers are also very [good]."

Image via Facebook

"The hawkers are getting richer than others these days. But the most important thing is to have a good heart," one commented.

Image via Facebook

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