Woman Plans Breakup With BF After CNY Because He Only Has RM50,000 In Savings

The woman complained that her boyfriend only brought her to Haidilao Hot Pot once a month, while her friends dined at the restaurant every day.

Cover image via @mrsvickyaltaie (Tripadvisor) & MCN Asia Entertainment (Facebook)

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Screenshots of a conversation showing a woman breaking up with her boyfriend through text have gone viral on social media.

The reason for her to end things with him was because he "only" has RM50,000 in savings.

In a post published by local Facebook page MCN Asia Entertainment, the anonymous woman told her boyfriend that she had "thought about it for a long time... Let's just be friends... Let's break up".

She also told him to not pick her up tomorrow in the WhatsApp chat.

Confused by the messages, the boyfriend asked what she meant and why she would want a breakup when the relationship was fine.

"Because I feel insecure," she responded

You are 27 years old and only have RM50,000 in savings. It can't be so.
The woman

She said she wanted to break up even before Chinese New Year, but she was afraid that her relatives would ask whether she has a boyfriend, which was the reason why she only revealed it then.

"Waited until Chinese New Year was over? What do you think I am?" the boyfriend replied

The woman said she had cared for his feelings, and in return, shot him back the same question.

"I should be asking what do you think I am. You only make RM4,000 to RM5,000 (a month)," she wrote.

"You have only saved RM50,000. My friends dine at Haidilao Hot Pot every day. You only bring me there once a month."

"I feel unfairly treated. I feel I deserve a better lifestyle."

The boyfriend asked whether it was all about money in the end, before probing further how much money would be enough for her

"I don't know," she said, adding, "(All I know is) RM50,000 is too little. It feels like it can be spent finish within a month."

"Do you understand? I don't feel secure."

"I can't foresee the life that I want when I am with you. I am sorry."

At the time of writing, the post has gone viral with over 13,000 shares and received over 7,500 comments

Many netizens were appalled by the woman's behaviour, saying that she should work hard for the lifestyle she wants rather than relying on a man.

"I want money, I earn it myself. What kind of a woman are you if you have to rely on a man," said a Facebook user.

"Your value is determined by only Haidilao," added a person, while another netizen asked the woman, "What have you contributed to think you deserve a better lifestyle?"

Image via Facebook

"Doesn't have the life of a princess, but suffers from the 'princess syndrome'," a Facebook user remarked.

"Is eating Haidilao a status symbol? I think McDonald's is also very good, RM50,000 can eat a lot of McDonald's," a netizen wrote.

"This woman is too superficial, come over to sister's side here," read a comment, while another netizen wondered how much savings does the woman have.

Image via Facebook

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