Go Noodle House, Haidilao, And Other Hot Pot Deliveries In Klang Valley

Give the 'chefs' at home a break. :p

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Who says you can't have a good ol' hot pot session while you're under quarantine? NO ONE.

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If you're celebrating a special occasion or just need your steamboat fix, here's a list of places in Klang Valley that are doing deliveries right now:

1. Da Long Yi Hotpot (Non-halal)

Da Long Yi has an extensive menu for you to select dishes from, whether it's ala carte or two, four, or six pax sets.

The restaurant is renting their pots for free, however, customers do need to bear the transportation costs (RM1/km).

The pot will be collected the following day by third party delivery riders. Or if you'd like, you can also rent the cooker for an additional RM10.

Just drop them a WhatsApp message to order.



2. Hot Pot Kaki Delivery (Non-halal)

Specialising in hot pot delivery services, Hot Pot Kaki is perfect for anyone craving steamboat right now.

Based on their website, their delivery times are:
- 12pm to 2pm (Lunch)
- 3pm to 7pm (Dinner)

They do ala carte orders. And pots are also included with the packages. So you won't need to return it once the meal is finished (plus it's reusable)!

Place your order at any time by ordering from their website here.

3. Haidilao (Non-halal)

No need to queue up for Haidilao now that they do deliveries during this time! You can select from any of the popular restaurant's soup bases, meats, seafood, and vegetables.

According to Mashable Southeast Asia, one customer's order came with a small bag filled with utensils, toothpicks, and mints, plus a free hair tie and lens wet wipe to complete your steamboat experience!

You can order from the Presto Universe app. Take note that you'll need to collect the food from your guard house if you live in a condominium or apartment.

4. Go Noodle House (Non-halal)

If you've been missing slurping Go Noodle's Superior soup, the restaurant is offering to deliver a hot pot kit to your home!

For RM56, the hot pot kit includes:
1. Pork Ball (200g, 11 pieces)
2. Pork Tendon Ball (200g, 15 pieces)
3. Bursting Meatball (250g, 10 pieces)
4. Fu Zhou Fish Ball (250g, 10 pieces)
5. Mushroom Pork Ball (250g, 10 pieces)
6. GNH Superior Soup Stock (200g)
7. Mi Xian (400g)
8. GNH Cooler Bag (one piece)

They also provide instructions on how to cook on their Facebook here.

You can order here.

5. Hot Pot King (Halal)

Hot Pot King does steamboat and grill deliveries from 12pm to 8pm. They also provide other meals on their menu.

To order, just drop them a WhatsApp message.


6. Beauty In The Pot (Non-halal)

If you're celebrating your birthday at home or just tired of thinking of what to eat, Beauty In The Pot just launched their delivery services from The Gardens outlet.

Do note that the hot pot and cutlery are not included in the service. There is a delivery fee of RM25 to anywhere within 30km in Klang Valley and RM45 if the delivery distance is over 30km.

Areas like Selayang, Semenyih, Klang, Sepang, Putrajaya, and Cyberjaya area are not available for delivery.

To place an order, just drop them a WhatsApp message anytime between 11am and 7pm.


7. GoGoPot Delivery (Pork-free)

GoGoPot has multiple steamboat packages during this time and they come with a free pot and gas (while stock is available).

Just for this period, if you order more than RM80, you can add chicken slices into your cart for free! To order, drop them a WhatsApp message or fill in their online form here.

Here's our review when the SAYS team tried this at our office last year.



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