Netizens From China Say Mangosteens Taste 'Bitter' After Eating Them Like An Apple

After multiple attempts to eat the fruit, netizens are saying mangosteens are not worth buying.

Cover image via 折一个纸欣欣 (Xiaohongshu) & 地板门窗不锈钢墙板 (Xiaohongshu)

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The queen of fruit is no stranger to Malaysians' taste buds and are usually bought and sold alongside the nation's favourite fruit — durians

However, we tend to forget that while some fruits are common to us, some are considered exotic outside Southeast Asia.

Recently, netizens from China shared their experiences with trying mangosteens on Chinese social media app, Xiaohongshu.

They shared photos of themselves biting down on the fruit in the same way they would eat an apple.

After multiple attempts to eat the fruit, netizens expressed their disappointment and said the fruit is expensive to buy and does not even taste good

One Xiaohongshu user captioned, "I saved a lot of money and bought a few mangosteens. I am here to warn everyone from falling into the pit (getting tricked). Don't buy it, it's very hard to understand."

Another said, "I really don't understand why so many people like to eat mangosteen, it's bitter, acidic, and expensive."

These viral posts garnered funny responses from netizens

One user commented, sarcastically, "I like the taste. Take a few more bites and it will taste good. The seeds are white. [You should] just throw it away."

Another humorously said, "Durians can also be eaten like this, you can try it next time."

There were also netizens who tried to educate those who did not know how to eat the fruit.

"Although the comments are funny, I still have to tell people to eat the 'garlic cloves' on the inside, not the thick shell on the outside," cried a user.

Watch this man demonstrate the best way to open a mangosteen:

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