"Do You Think I'm Doing Charity?" — Employee Asks For Pay Despite Not Turning Up For Work

The small business owner was appalled at the employee's bold request and strange excuses.

Cover image via Melanie Lim/Unsplash & Ke Xin (Facebook)

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A 20-year-old business owner recently shared an appalling conversation she had with a part-time employee she had hired, which has gone viral

Taking to Facebook, Ke Xin, who runs her own cake business, posted about an employee who had the audacity to ask for her salary despite not coming into work.

The conversation she posted begins with her asking the 22-year-old employee to come in at 11am on 28 June to pack mooncakes ahead of Mid-Autumn Festival.

Strangely, the employee said, "Sorry, I'm unable to come in to work."

When asked for a reason and why she was not informed earlier, the employee replied that her family told her not to go in.

"My family said I'm a fast learner and they are afraid that you guys will bully me. They are scared I will learn so much in two days that you won't let me go," the girl explained.

The employee's response enraged the boss as she was only hired to help with packaging, and not even as a baker

Ke Xin replied furiously, "Woman, I'm younger than you by two years, I'm only 20-years-old. I hired you to help me pack mooncakes, not bake."

"And I do not care if you learn fast or not. [How dare] you use these excuses to not come to work, and did not even bother to inform me?"

"So if I had not messaged you earlier like this, [you would] have made me wait stupidly [on the 28th]?"

The boss' anger heightened when the employee still had the guts to ask, "Can I still get my salary?"

Ke Xin was appalled at the bold request as the employee had not even started to work or done anything to receive a salary.

"Do you think I'm doing charity?" the boss questioned.

Shockingly, the employee replied, "But you are wasting my time."

Finally, after scolding the employee using a vulgarity, the employee apologised to Ke Xin and backed off.

Netizens were in disbelief by the employee's behaviour, her strange excuses, and her feeling of entitlement

A netizen said, "It is recommended for you to stay at home and sleep, just wait for your mother to raise you."

Image via Facebook

"Who is wasting whose time?" another added.

Image via Facebook

"After the pandemic, it isn't a group of people fighting to find jobs, it's a group of cows coming out to steal these jobs," a netizen sarcastically said.

Image via Facebook

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