Woman Reunites With Lost iPhone After Honest Stranger Finds It & Hands It To Police

Bella shared the story with SAYS in the hope that it will reach the mystery woman and wants her to know that she is grateful for her kind deed.

Cover image via @laurencia.bella (Instagram) & A&R Hotel

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An expatriate living in Malaysia was on cloud nine when she reunited with her iPhone 12 that she lost at The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, 12 June

Known as Bella, the 27-year-old Indonesian took to Instagram recently to share the journey of losing and reuniting with her RM4,000 iPhone, as well as her gratefulness for the mystery woman who brought the phone to a police station.

"I almost lost my phone, this one right here. It was shocking at first but then I managed to get it back after a few hours thanks to the kindness of a stranger in Malaysia," began Bella, who works as a business development specialist, in the video.

She said she left her phone on the shelf in a toilet stall of the mall and she only realised that she lost it when her AirPods that she was wearing at the time stopped playing music.

"That's when I realised, 'Where is my phone?'" she said.

"When I walked outside, the AirPods started connecting again. So I was like, 'Where's my phone, my phone must be around here.' But then, there were also hundreds of other people (around me)."

Bella then asked several shoppers at the mall whether they just left the female toilet a while ago at the spot

But the effort was futile. She went to the concierge to inform the mall staff about her missing iPhone.

Following that, she went to the nearest police station to file a police report, which to her surprise, was located inside the mall.

A police officer told her that, "People took it already, they won't give it back."

After hearing it, Bella put the thought of finding her phone to rest and proceeded to watch a movie with her friend at the mall.

Image via Tripadvisor

Once the movie ended, Bella went back to the concierge and she had her friend call her phone.

Surprisingly, someone picked it up.

"It was a policeman who (was stationed) around 1.3km away from the mall," she recounted.

"Someone actually returned my phone. It was a very nice lady, who didn't disclose her name or phone number."

"She just dropped the phone and made sure that the phone could be returned to her."

Bella said she was very thankful for the policemen in the station and also for the mystery woman.

"I'm thankful to this lady out there, thank you. I love you," she said as she embraced her iPhone with both hands.

Speaking to SAYS, Bella revealed the mystery woman told the police that she does not want to be found

"She wants to remain anonymous, but yes, it would be nice if she knew I'm grateful," she said when contacted and agreed to allow SAYS to share her experience.

She hopes her videos on Instagram or this SAYS article can reach the kind woman.

You can watch Bella recount her experience below:

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