Man Gets Surprise Serving Of 'Flying' Roti Canai So Restaurant Owner Compensates Him RM50

Netizens praised the man for being "sporting" and taking the slip-up with a light heart.

Cover image via @mezan rotiman (TikTok)

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A 10-second TikTok video has gone viral for capturing the moment a piece of roti canai dough lands on a customer's face after a restaurant staff threw it into the air

The video was taken at Roti Terbang Mezan Kampung 6, a restaurant in Melaka popular for their 'flying' roti canai entertainment.

In the video, the dough can be seen being passed to a man in a black and blue shirt, who catches the dough and spins it around before tossing it high into the air.

The roti canai, however, flies away from the man and lands on a customer's face instead of returning to him.

The slip-up makes all the patrons at the restaurant burst into laughter, including the customer with the dough on his face.

Watch the TikTok here:

In another video, the customer can be seen receiving RM50 as compensation from the man, who turns out to be the owner of the restaurant

"He didn't expect to receive a gift. Thank you, 'boss'. You're really cool," the caption says.

Netizens praised the customer for being so "sporting" and even asked whether they could also have a 'flying' roti on their face when they visit the restaurant

In response to the comments, the owner of the restaurant said the customer was indeed "sporting" and was even dancing when he got the money.

Image via TikTok

"Where is your shop? I want to go there, stick the bread on my face, and then I go back home. I just want that," said one comment.

Image via TikTok

"Brother, can I get a 'flying' roti on my face please," said another.

Image via TikTok

A netizen commented, "It just turned into a full face mask."

Image via TikTok

"I hope the roti canai will automatically land on top of my head when I go there later," another said.

Image via TikTok

Here is another video of the hilarious incident taken from another angle:

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