Elderly S'porean Man Left In Tears When M'sian Returns His Wallet With RM3,800 Untouched

The young Malaysian waited more than an hour at the bus stop to return the wallet with all the cash intact back to the owner.

Cover image via Aku Budak Kluang (Facebook) & China Press

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The kind act of a Malaysian has moved a Singaporean senior citizen to tears when the Good Samaritan returned his wallet with over RM3,800 that he left behind on a bus

Speaking to China Daily, the old man's niece shared the story of the good deed of the Malaysian man, who is believed to be in his early twenties.

She shared that her uncle, surnamed Zou (transliteration), was travelling from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan to Kluang, Johor on 27 May.

When he arrived at a stop in Seri Lalang, he left behind his wallet with banknotes of over SGD1,000 (about RM3,200) and RM600.

It is understood that Zou got off at the wrong stop in Kluang, which made him nervous and not realise that he lost his wallet.

Image via China Press

The niece said the young man picked up the wallet after he saw it and spent almost half an hour communicating with the bus operator to find the contact of the wallet's owner

"My cousin's mobile phone number was recorded when the bus ticket was purchased. My cousin notified me after receiving the call," recounted the niece.

"Then, I went to look for the man at the bus stop at around 5pm to retrieve the wallet. By that time, he was already waiting at the bus station for about an hour."

The next day, the niece requested to meet the young man so that her uncle could thank him in person

80-year-old Zou offered the young man an ang pau to express his gratitude, but he refused to accept it.

After some back-and-forth, he accepted it as Zou said the ang pau is meant to treat him to coffee.

Image via China Press

She said that her uncle could not stop crying as he was moved by the kindness and honesty of the man

Zou did not think that the wallet and the money could be recovered.

The niece added that, in fact, her uncle met many kind-hearted people on the day he was travelling.

For instance, when he got off at the wrong stop, someone was willing to send him from Seri Lalang to Taman Intan, among other good deeds.

At the time of writing, a Facebook post by Aku Budak Kluang featuring the story has garnered over 4,400 likes.

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